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As from this title you know about my website i.e. www.biggboss11audition.in . As this website is only for the entertainment and for your kind information from the reality shows of the television. As this is created by me on 26th December 2016. I will give you all details about the contents writers and other members of my websites. This website is for those people who are interested in the reality shows and want to know more about the shows displayed on the TV. With this website I also disclosed all type of the information of this show big boss as we get any news from anywhere.

This website is basically depending upon the Indian Reality shows. So we are focus on the coming reality shows, audition, eviction and wild card entry. As we want to share all about these reality shows which are now very among the public of the India. We also disclosed with the date of the auditions and other important dates of all programs. As I would also like to inform you about the previous season of the all reality shows with the name of the winners etc.

As with this website I only want to share with you the main functions, date and episode of the all programs which I later disclose or published on our website. As this website is basically belongs to my team members of this website. As I take my all contents from the news channel, new paper and other multimedia   functions. This is the about us page and I would like to share with you my all details so that you can  easy contact with me, which will helps you a lot. Thanks.

Edition of Bigg boss – Lakshmi Dogra

Website Name –  biggboss11audition.in

Occupation – Part Time Blogging

Website Working Area – New Delhi

Country belongs –  India

Thanks to stay on our page, we would like to help, please visit again.

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