Airtel Phone Booking Online Rs. 1000 (Feature Mobile) Registration

Airtel Phone Booking Online
Airtel Phone Booking Online

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Description of Airtel : introducing a new Airtel Feature phone : date and plans of the release of this mobile phone : online booking available for the Airtel mobile phone.

Airtel Phone Booking

We all must have heard the name Airtel, it is one of the biggest mobile network operator in India. Completely Airtel is known as the Bharti Airtel Limited. It is mainly a global telecommunication service company. The main head office of Airtel is situated in New Delhi. Not only in India, Airtel also operates in 18 other countries across South Asia and Africa. Airtel provides GSM, 3G and 4G LTE mobile services. It also provides broadband and other technological services. Airtel is testing VoLTE service across 5 cities in India and it shall roll out till the end of 2017. Airtel is a big brand name and also holds a large number of customers. But since the launch of Jio, Airtel is also loosing their customers.

Airtel Feature Phone Booking

Reliance Jio has launched such a great offers that people are shifting towards the Jio. It has beaten up all the telecommunication industries of India. The existing users of the companies are also migrating towards the Reliance Jio. So to cope up with Jio other companies are also launching different schemes. Now ‘Airtel Phone Booking’ Will be start Soon. The ‘Airtel Feature Phone Booking’ Will be start with JIO Phone. In a fear of losing the customers, Airtel is also launching various plans and scheme. Their main target is to compete with the Reliance JIO, as at present Jio holds the largest number of customers. Not only the scheme, Airtel has also decided to launch a new mobile phone after hearing the news of upcoming Jio Phone. With in Few days JIO DTH Booking also statrt by JIO Telecom before 20th August 2017.

Airtel Phone Booking
Airtel Phone Booking

Key Points of Airtel Phone

Phone Name – Airtel Phone

Main Feature – 4G Support

Touch Pad – No (Buttons)

Features – Feature Phone

Join Venture – With Intex

Airtel is now launching a 4G feature mobile phone with the 4G Voice Over VOLTE services. It is said that Airtel mobile phone will be cheaper the the jio phone. The Jio has launched their phone at a price of Rs. 1500 whereas the Airtel has decided to keep Rs.1000 as the price of their mobile phone. We all known that at present Voice Over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) has been spread nationwide. Now people are preferring the phone calls with the 4G services, as it is much faster and clearer than the other services. Airtel is also trying its best to launch the 4G VoLTE service along with their network. Around 5 – 6 cities the Airtel VoLte is being tested and if it get a success in these cities than it will be launched across the country.

Airtel Phone Registration

Airtel said that they will start up their 4G VoLTE services by the end of this financial year i.e. March 2018. By the end of March 2018, Airtel VOLTE service will be running across the India and South Asia. To provide their VOLTE service across the country, Airtel is also launching up their own mobile phone. Airtel Mobile phone will be having the main feature of supporting 4G VOLTE service. The mobile phone will even be consisting of the latest technologies and features. The mobile phone will be internet based and the internet can also be used in that phone. This Type of Phone will be in heavy demand.

Guys you just need to Participate Airtel Phone Registration Online now. The internet in Airtel mobile phone is expected to run at a higher and faster speed as earlier. The mobile phone will also be having the latest social networking apps, such as Whatsapp and Facebook etc.

Airtel Phone Rs 1000 Booking

The Price of This phone will be 1000 Rupees. Airtel Phone Rs 1000 Booking details will be updated soon on this website. As the phone will be internet based so the people can also make other use of the phone via internet such as payment of bills, etc. The phone will not be of a high price as it will be even less than the price of Jio Phone. The price of Airtel Mobile phone will be Rs. 1000. Till now no other details has came in front of Airtel Mobile phone but to get the regular updates keep visiting the official site of Airtel. Question Regarding “Airtel Phone Booking” ask in the comment section. We will give answers soon as possible.

Airtel Feature Phone 2500 Rupees

Guys today a New update come form the website Danik Bharkar india that Airtel Launch a Feature Phone soon. This phone will be launched near Diwali. It may be before or after Diwali. Airtel Released this Phone soon to Compete with Jio Phone. Now with this Idea Phone will be launched soon. The Price of Airtel Feature Phone will be 2500 rs as the news Portal say. The actual price is not conformed yet. This Phone is 4G Supported and it is much better then Jio Phone. Airtel 2500 Rs phone come with Airtel Data and calling feature. Airtel Working on this Project and They released this Phone, join with other manufactures.

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