Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme (Badikostha) Student Girls Register Online

Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme
Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme

Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme (Badikostha) Student Girls Register Online, Badikosta Bicycle Scheme in Andhra Pradesh: Free bicycle to the girl students in the Andhra Pradesh.

Scheme Name: Badikosta Bicycle Scheme

State: Andhra Pradesh

Cost of Bicycle : Free of Cost

For: Girls Students of 9th Class

Launched by: CM Chandrababu Naidu

Number of Cycle: 1.82 Lacks

Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme

To grow up the rate of the education of the girls child in every state low as compared to the rate of the education to the boys. In Every state do something special to promote the education rate of the girls students. Some time the parents of the girls child will not allow them to go for away from the houses to get  the education . Girls leave the education.

We trying best from the part  of the State government in the Andhra Pradesh State will start new scheme which is known as Andhra Pradesh Badikosta Bicycle scheme. Under this scheme they will distributes the bicycle to the  girls students. So the every students who studying in the 9th class will be able to get the free cycle from the government.

Andhra Pradesh School Girls Free Bicycle

Badikosta Bicycle scheme in Andhra Pradesh will be launched by the  Chief Minister of the State Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. So they have the target to distributes the more than1.82 lacs bicycles to the girls students who are getting the education in the 9th class. To complete this scheme the State government of the Andhra Pradesh  will sanctioned the money of Rs.75 crore. This is also the amazing scheme which is ever launched in any other State.

Now I am going to disclosed with you some other facts relating to this scheme so that without any other difficulties you will get the bicycle from the government. Here are some essential  details and requirement of this scheme. So that after full filling this requirement you should get the  bicycles. So these are as mentioned in below:-

Badikostha Andhra Pradesh Free Bicycle Scheme For School Girls

Firstly you will be girls child and living in the State of the Andhra Pradesh in other word you will be the bonafide residents of the Andhra Pradesh .

This scheme is mainly for the girls students getting the study in the 9th So it is important that you are the students of the 9th class. If you are not then don’t apply for the same.

To distribute the bicycles to the girls child is mainly for to check the drop rate of the girls students  in the State of the Andhra Pradesh.

After distribution of the cycles to the girls is to supporting or promoting the education of the girls children among the society and also drag the attention of the public government or parents towards the education of the girl child.

To full fill the scheme the State government already sanctioned the some of Rs.75 crore to the department of this scheme.

Motto of this scheme is “Knowledge State- Education Hub”.

Andhra CM Launch Badikostha Scheme Bicycle for School Girls

After getting the bicycle the girls can also get the education far away from the house. The burden of the transportation will also be less  inside of the parents. So very soon the cycles under this scheme will be distributed by the CM of the Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu very soon. So get regular visit on our website. More Updates on page.

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