Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance 2017 Monthly 2000 Rs. To Youth

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance 2017 Monthly 2000 Rs. To Youth. Government of the Andhra Pradesh now decided to give the fixed Unemployment Allowance to the unemployed youth of the State. This decision will be taken up by the Finance Minister Mr. Yanamala Ramakrishanudu, who was the head of the sub-committee held on the Wednesday. He said that steps being be taken by the State government of the Andhra Pradesh. With these steps they said that they develop the skill training and create the more job opportunity to the youth of the State.

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance

As per the calculation there is more than 12 Lakh youngster in the Andhra Pradesh who is still un-employed.  There are so many reasons behind the unemployment of the youth. Few youngster will not get the job of their choice. On other hand some are only trying for the Government job. So till that time period when they not getting the job after the education the state government will provide them the financial support.

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Andhra Pradesh to give the back support to the unemployed youth of the State will now giving the monthly fixed allowance of Rs.2000/-. This allowance will be given to the every youth of the State till them getting the job of their choice. For launching this scheme they will released the budget of Rs.500 Crore.

“Now according to Youth and Unemployment benefits Minister Mr. Kollu Ravindera that tills the date of launching this scheme has not been decided. But as per our knowledge and wish we are going to launch this program in the ending of the month of July 2017.

Unemployment Allowance For Andhra Pradesh Youth

Now after this scheme the officials which are selected for this program are not starting collecting the data of the youth. They will collect the data from the employment exchange. We shortlisted the candidates as per their age break up. So if any of the candidates which is registered with the employment exchange and fully educated will be able to get the allowance which will be given by the government.

That the allowance will be given to each of the person but only after the inquiry made by him. And after getting the claim from the side of the candidates we also decided that how much money will be given to him.

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance
Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance

This scheme will be launched in the State of Andhra Pradesh after look into the State of the West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. These States will also giving them the Berojgari Bhatta in shape of amount. So now this plan will also launch in the Andhra Pradesh and this is also very much suitable and perfect for the State of the Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Rs 2000 Per Month

  • This amount will be given to only one family member of the each family.
  • The amount will be given till the date of finding or getting the job by the candidates.
  • Only those candidates will get the amounts that are registered in the Employment Exchange for last five years.
  • You are not working under any private firm, doing private business etc.

On the other hand the committee also decided that in period of getting the amount the candidates may be getting the  or doing any community work in lieu of the Dole. So the government also requests to the  to participate in the Skill development training to the unemployed youth.  After getting the skill development and training the youth will get more job opportunity.

Previously this announcement was made by the Telugu Desam party at the time of the 2014 election and also said that they will also give  at least one government job to each of the family of the State. And after that they will also give the financial assistance of Rs.1000/- to Rs.2000/- to the unemployed youngster of the State.

Important dates of  AP Unemployment Allowance

Starting date – July 2017

Applying date – Started very soon

Unemployment Allowance is basically Berojgari Bhatta. In every State is pronunciation is different. Now Two days Back Andhra Pradesh CM C.B. Naidu announced the Scheme name AP Unemployment Allowance For Youth. This is given to those Person those having qualification but bot get the Job till date. Government will them Allowance for there daily use. Its amount is very less, but it is very helpful for those you are studied hard. This will help them finical and, they continue thee studies. Due to lack of Money most of the Students Quit there studies. So this is a very good initiative by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Question based on the Andhra Unemployment Allowance Scheme ask in the discussion page.

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