Apnakhata Rajasthan Land Records Online Jamabandi Nakal (Khasra) Map

Apnakhata Rajasthan Land Records Online Jamabandi Nakal (Khasra) Map, apnakhata.raj.nic.in, राजस्थान रेविन्यू विभाग लैंड रेकॉर्ड्स अपना खाता जमाबंदी नकल / खसरा मैप डौन्लोड। 

Hi guys as you know everybody have the landed property in the State of the Rajasthan. And it is very important to know about our land record year by years. As we know that after 5 years the land record will be change due to the Settlement operation in all the State. So in this Settlement operation so many changes will be made by the Patwari or revenue officials. Some of the people will get the more land and some of the persons lose their land. So it is very important to update with your land record.

Apnakhata Rajasthan Land Records Online

राजस्थान अपना खाता : यहा से जाने पर्चा जमाबंदी ऑनलाइन केसे प्राप्त करे ! आप पर्चा जिला , तहसील और मोहाल से ढूंढ सकते है !

In previous time if we need our Parcha Lamabandi or  Nakal Jamabandi of our land record we have to visit the office of the revenue record. Some time we can meet with his or some time he is out of the job. It is really very difficult to get the Parcha Jamabandi of our land in first visit. So to keep this difficulty of the person’s the revenue official make it easy for us to get the Parcha Jamabandi in simple and easy steps.

So now I come on point of the topic of this post i.e. Rajasthan Apna Khata.  This is the official website of the revenue department of the Rajasthan it which we can get all online service related to our land Revenue record of the Rajasthan. In this post I told you about the complete process to how to use this website for   your use and how you can get the  Parcha Jamabandi, Kahsra  Map etc.

Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal Download

After launching this online portal by the Revenue Department of the Rajasthan government , it is very easy to get the online Parcha Jamabandi. As it is important to mention here that  you can get the previous 5 years Jamabandi  from the online web portal.

Online Khasra Map apnakhata.raj.nic.in

So now  I am giving you the step with the help of which you can get the Jamabandi Parcha online : District Wise, Tehsil Wise or Village wise.

Guys first off all you have to visit the official website of the Revenue Department of the Rajasthan.

Visit Page – apnakhata.raj.nic.in

Page Look Like Below Image of apnakhata Rajasthan

Apnakhata Rajasthan Land Records
Apnakhata Rajasthan Land Records

Now on the official site of the Revenue Department click on the Link “ Apna Khata”.

Here you can get the Map of the Rajasthan State with the name of the Districts.

You have to click on the name of the district in which your land situated.

After District chose your Tehsil and entre your village detail.

Now click on the year of the Jamabandi .

Search your villages name and enter it in the specific column.

If you know about the Khata, Kahsra or Khatauni select one of them.

Now you have to select the name of the Kashtkaar.

Click at the last link” Nakal Prapt Kre.

And you can get the Parcha Jamabandi with land record .

What you think guys it is really very easy to get the Parcha Jamabandi online. No need to go any Revenue Official department office. You can take the Parcha Jamabandi at any working hours.

अगर आपको खाता , खसरा , खतौनी नंबर पता नहीं है तो आप अपने नाम से भीअपने महाल मे पर्चा जमाबंदी निकाल सकते है ! आप पिछली 5साल की जमाबंदी देख सकते हो !

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