Ashirwad Scheme Punjab Financial Help Marriage of Girl of SC, ST, BPL

Ashirwad Scheme Punjab Financial Help Marriage of Girl of SC, ST, BPL details about to how to apply for Ashirwad Scheme in Punjab

As we very much familiar with the Shagun scheme in the State of the Punjab, but now in recent cabinet meeting the government of the Punjab changed the name of the Shagun Scheme to Ashirwad Scheme in Punjab. So here are the complete details about the Ashirwad Scheme in Punjab from starting to end.

Ashirwad Scheme Punjab

In State of Punjab the Department of Welfare of Scheduled cast and back word class launched the new scheme in the Punjab named as Ashirwad Scheme.  So under this scheme the Government of the Punjab will provide the help in shape of financial assistant for the marriage of the daughter belongs to the Scheduled card, OBC and belongs to the poor families. The amount which gives to girls on their marriage of Rs.15,000/-.

Ashirwad Scheme Punjab
Ashirwad Scheme Punjab

This scheme is only applicable in the State of the Punjab. It means only the daughters lived in the Punjab will be able to get the money on their marriages.  Ashirwad scheme in Punjab is very good scheme because by way of this scheme the government will help the girls on their marriages. By providing them the financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- on their family is the biggest support to the  bride and also her family. So the money only provided to the girls who belongs to the poor families lived in the Punjab.  When any of the girl or her family applied for this Ashirwad Scheme the department of Welfare of SC and OBC will directly transfer the amount on their bank account. So it is very important to apply for the Ashirwad scheme the beneficiaries have the bank account in any bank.

Financial Help For Marriage of Girl Belong SC, ST BPL Family Named Ashirwad Scheme

Many of the families think that girls are the burden of the family. They afraid from the marriage of the girls due to the dowry. Because the poor parents are not able to gives the gift to the daughter at her marriages. So providing them the financial support will also encourage the education and health of the girls child. It will also help us to equal the status of the both girls and boys. Some of the parents marry their girls at their early age. It means some of the girls marry when they are not adult. So to stop this thinking the Ashirwad scheme will launch. Because the money will only given to those girl’s family who attain the age of the majority. After attaining the legal age of the marriage the girls will get the money. So with this scheme they will also successful to stop the child marriage.

 Here are some Benefit of the Ashirwad Scheme in Punjab

  • It will stop the child marriages.
  • To provide the financial assistant of Rs.15,000/- very good steps.
  • To gives the financial assistants in Ashirwad Scheme having the back support of the girls family.
  • Also to empowerment of the women power.

Here are the details to apply for the Ashirwad Scheme in Punjab

So to apply for the ‘Ashirwad Scheme Punjab’ having the two ways. That you can apply for the Ashirwad scheme in Punjab in online mode or also on offline mode. Here we give you the full details of offline apply and also online apply. Firstly we  discussed on how to apply online.

जैसा की आपको पता है पंजाब राज्य मे पिछले कल मतलब 20-08-2017 को बजट  पेश हुआ ! जिसमे आशीर्वाद स्कीम को लेकर भी एक बहुत  बड़ा फैसला किया गया ! जैसा की हमे पता है पहले इस स्कीम मे लड़कियो को दी जाने  वाली राशि 15 हजार रुपये थी ! अब यह राशि को बढ़ा कर 21 हजार रुपये  कर दिया गया है ! यह बहुत ही  खुशी की बात है की राशि को बहुत ही ज्यादा बढ़ाया गया है ! अब इस योजना के तहत गरीब घर की लड़कियो को अब और भी आर्थिक सहायत मिलेगी ! यह  बजट मे लिया जाने वाला एक महत्वपूर्ण फैसला है ! अब आप अपने घर की लड़कियो के लिए इस आर्थिक सहायाता का लाभ ले सकते है ! अब गरिव घर की लड़किया भी अपनी शादी का सपना अच्छेसे देख सकती है !

How To Apply  For Ashirwad Scheme Punjab Financial Support

  • Firstly the applying person have to visit the official web portal of the State i.e. .
  • Now click on to apply online for the Ashirwad Scheme.
  • If you are first time visitor then you have to create your own user name  and password on the website.
  • Now for registration of the first time you have to write  your information on the registration form with accurate spelling of name etc.
  • Now submit and create your own choice password and user name.
  • You Can Using the user name and password log in your account.
  • Now after login fill the other details for which they asked.
  • Now click on the fresh application for the Ashirwad scheme in Punjab.
  • Finally submit your application.
  • After they will asked for the supported documents which you have to scanned in your user name and password account.
  • Now finally submit the application form.

 For Offline mode

  • You just have to visit the official web portal of the government of the Punjab address mentioned in the Online mode.
  • Now here you have to download the application Form and take the print out the application form.
  • Now fill the application form with clean handwriting .
  • Attached the supported documents with the application form.
  • Send the application form with documents to the Welfare department of the Punjab.

Eligibility criteria to  get the Ashirwad Scheme Punjab

  • Girl should be the permanent residence of the Punjab.
  • Family of the girl belongs to the BPL.
  • This scheme applicable only for the Schedule caste, Christian girls, Backward Class girls and other poor families of the Punjab.

List of the documents have to scanned or attached with the application form for “Ashirwad Scheme Punjab

  • Adhar card of the applicant
  • Residence proof such as ration card or voter card.
  • Age proof certificate
  • Caste certificate issued by the officers.
  • BPL Card( Ration Card)
  • Copy of bank account.

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