Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC Live Soon – Download apk

Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC Live Soon – Download apk. About Bharat QR and IRCTC : soon the Bharat QR is to go live on IRCTC : benefits and advantages of Bharat QR.

Many of us travel through railways, some on daily basis and some are not on regular basis. People face many difficulties in ticket booking or standing in a ques etc. So to make some of this process a bit more easier Bharat QR is going live on IRCTC.

Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC Live

IRCTC stands for the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is basically a public sector company which comes under the ministry of Railways. IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways which handles all the ticket booking, catering and tourism operations of Indian Railways. IRCTC is also known as the changing face of Railway ticketing in India. As through IRCTC the rail tickets can be booked online by using WiFi, GPRS or SMS. This has made the process of buying tickets very simple and easy.

Now within a month, Bharat QR is expected to be live on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Bharat QR is mainly a common QR code which is jointly formed by the 4 major card payment companies. These 4 major card payment companies includes…

Bharat QR Code Live For IRCTC

National Payment corporation of India that runs RuPay cards.

Master cards.

Visa and

American Express.

All these card payment companies are under the Reserve Bank of India. Now in the coming few weeks Bharat QR will also go live on IRCTC. While the visa card is already on the board, the talks are going around for the Master cards and RuPay to enable the Bharat QR on IRCTC website. Through Visa card, mVisa is also available with scan and pay option. Atom Technologies limited is a payment service company which is providing QR based payment facilities to the IRCTC. mVisa is also a QR code based payment facility for the visa card holders.

Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC
Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC

The estimates reveal that more than 15 banks has full integration with Bharat QR. These banks includes the banks like Axis Bank, Kotak mahindra bank, ICICI bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC bank etc. The consumers who already use the bank apps like ICICI pockets, HDFC Payzapp etc, it will become more easier for them to just scan the Bharat QR code and make the payment. It is expected that very soon there will be more bank and banking apps will be enable to process the QR based transactions. When these QR transactions will be on he run than there will be no need of entering the PIN or the amount. The payment process will be much more simpler and easier. It is basically an attempt to popularize the QR based payments among the people.

Bharat QR Code Activated For IRCTC Live Soon – Download apk

We can also say that this is a revolutionary step taken by the government of India. As there will be only one common QR code platform for all payment cards whether it is through Master card, Visa card or RuPay. It is estimated that this process will result in making the payment experience more better and simpler than before. A special offer has also been given to the consumers who uses mVisa (scan & pay) option. These consumers will get a discount of Rs. 50 on the payments made between 5th of May to 4th of September. The scan and pay option is being taken care by the Atom Technologies.

Till now only the only the mVisa is live with IRCTC but they are making their best to make Bharat QR also to go live on IRCTC. IRCTC also offers a good platform for tourism for the train ticket bookings, bus or cab booking, flight booking as well as the hotel bookings.

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