Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date : First Episode Date : Salman Khan Entry

Bigg Boss 11 Premiere Date
Bigg Boss 11 Premiere Date

Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date : Bigg Boss 12 First Episode Date : Bigg Boss 12 Salman Khan Entry

Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date of show has been revealed out and here is the new and latest information about the upcoming season of the Bigg Boss 12. It is very well know to all of us that Bigg Boss 12 will Premiere in the month of October as usual like previous years. Now the show makers finally decide to telecast the Bigg Boss Season 12 on the television. Now they are finally and fully ready to show the Premiere of the BB 12 on the Colors Channels on the October 1st 2018. As we like every year the show will be telecast from 10.00pm to 11p.m on the colors channels on the working days and from 9.00 pm to 10 pm on the weekends.  As all the set that the Bigg Boss is constructed in the area of the Lovavala  .

Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date

About this show the 13 contestant will be put in to the house in the Bigg Boss house for 4 months. And like previous years the contestants of the Bigg Boss 12 some are the celebrity and others are commoners. The commoners are selected on the basis of their audition. As we know that the audition was taken by the show makers.

Bigg Boss 11 Salman Khan Entry
Bigg Boss 12 Salman Khan Entry

Theme of the show: As we all watch the first promo of the show in which we got the clue of the theme. The theme is all depend on the Neighbour theme. And now it is also hear from the show makers that the show will not paid to the comments and they can appear in the show with their families. As the Salman wants the family feel on the show. And it makes interesting concept as we ever seen on the Televsion.

Bigg Boss 12 First Episode Date

The promo of the Bigg Boss 12 shoot by the Salman Khan and Mouni Roy and in this promo their explain about the theme of the show and for the teaser of the show. Like every year there will again be the two houses and every team have to complete their task to win the luxury life in the Bigg Boss house season 12.

Bigg Boss 11 First Episode
Bigg Boss 12 First Episode

Timing of the Episode of the Bigg Boss 12:-

  • From 10.00pm to on every working day from Monday to Friday
  • From 9.00 pm to on weekend days i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

This is most viral reality show in all over the India. And now all Indian families waiting for the first day of the show. For this many of the celebrity and common people approached to the Bigg Boss to be the part of the show. And some of the celebrity contestant who approached to be the part of the show their name will be confirmed for the show. But the name of the commoners yet not is revealed by the show. But their some name of the celebrity who are going to be the part of the Bigg Boss house season 12.

Bigg Boss 12 Salman Khan Entry

Name of Celebrity Contestant:-

  • Shilpa Shinde
  • Abhishek Malik
  • Dhinchak Pooja
  • Harsh Beniwal
  • Pearl V Puri
  • Sana Saeed

The Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date is October 2018. Guys this show will be start as soon as possible. This year this show start one month earlier. Now the show maker will finalized the name of the commoners by their audition. And very soon we also gives you the name of the commoners. You can watch the  Bigg Boss every episode of the Voot App  or by visiting the official website of the Voot absolutely free.

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  2. Hey,I am a big model aspirant and I am very much interested in joining The Big Boss show from past two years and for the first time I am applying for the same…Could you please help me in the same

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