Bike Taxis Service Uttar Pradesh Kanpur / Lucknow RTO Registration

Bike Taxis Service
Bike Taxis Service

Bike Taxis Service Uttar Pradesh Kanpur / Lucknow RTO Registration | Bike Taxis Service Start Rules and Regulation | Benefits | Yogi Adityanath Development.

A unique experiment going to be start in the  Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. Now if you have bike then this is the way to earn the living for your like. With the help of the Bike you can get the employment.   I know from above lines you have to curiosity to know about the full details about this news .To know more about this news read the full article carefully. If you face any problem to understand anything comments below later we reply you.

Kanpur has now new Bike Taxis. That in coming few months of the Government of the Kanpur going to launch a unique experiment and they are fully ready for the same.  They are going to start a New Bike Taxis in the Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.  So the bike of the young generation is the way of the employment. So that with the help of the Bike the can earns money. Now after the Car Taxi now the Bike Taxis is on the trend.

Bike Taxi Service Uttar Pradesh

Now you will get this Bike Taxis at the Major point of the City. The Transport Department of the City give the permission to start the Bike Taxis. And now very soon the registration for the Bike taxis is going to be start and you can see the same on the road of your city. So guys if you want to do registration then here I give you the details about the registration of the bike for the Bike-taxi.

Benefit of the New Bike Taxis Service in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

As we know that in these days to get the suitable job for everyone is very difficult. So after start of this scheme the youth of our city will be able to earn the money. Till date this bike taxis was started in the Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow, but now you can also take the ride of the bike taxi in the Kanpur. CM Yogi Adityanath working in the field of UP Developments. We cover Yogi Adityanath Schemes also for more awareness about government schemes.

How you can earn the money with the Bike Taxi

To earn the money with the New scheme you have to  do registration of your bike in the Taxis Kotta . So after the registration of your bike in Taxis you can take your passenger on your bike taxis. And very soon they start this registration. With the help of the private company the bikes will be registered for the taxi. If you don’t have your own bike then company can provide you the bike for this business. And you can also finance your own bike with the help of the company.

How much money you can earn with Taxi Service

As per the Statement of the  representative of the Company  the boys can easily earn of Rs.15000/- to Rs.20,000/- per month. And the company will also  give the training for the people who attach with the company.

Term and Conditions Bike Taxis Service Uttar Pradesh

  • You have to written “ Underemployment vehicle”  on both side i.e. front and back of the bike.
  • Name, address and phone number  of the Permit Holder also be written on the Vehicle.
  • The colour of the Bike Taxis Service’ be different as compared to the other bike run of the road.
  • It is very important to contain the First Aid Box/Kit in the Bike-Taxi.
  • And the last the seat of the vehicle also be clean and relax able.
  • You can’t carry heavy luggage with your while travelling in the Bike-taxi.
  • The owner of the Bike-Taxis are responsible for the safety of the Children and ladies.
  • The permit of the vehicle is not transferable.
  • The   vehicle who are 2 years old can registered for the Bike-Taxi.
  • Wear the helmet for both deriver and passenger is important.

Steps for Registration of the Bike into Bike-Taxi:-

You can now do the registration of your Bike Taxis Service”. You have to submit your  registration certificate of the   vehicle and also Insurance of the bike. Then you can have to complete your file and submit the same in the RTO office or company. Then they will issue  you the permit for use your vehicle for commercial purpose.

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