Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card For City Beautiful Residents Go Cashless

Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card For City Beautiful Residents Go Cashless. Chandigarh Administration Launch Prepaid Cash Card for Cashless Transactions, Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card For CTU Buses, Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card For Government Officer Pay Bills.

Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card

Prepaid cash card is the one which can be used to do cashless payments. This card can be used to do cashless transactions. There will be different fees applied and charges using the cash card.

In Chandigarh, the prepaid cash card going to be launched very soon. This Chandigarh Prepaid Cash card will be used only by the residents of Chandigarh. This card is made for those who have lack of time to go to the shops and recharge the mobile phones or put the load. Cashless card system will help massively to boost up the cashless payments. There will be different fee structure for the users of prepaid cash cards. There will be different charges too for the users in case they don’t pay on time or if the money used to recharge haven’t been paid. But that all information is still need to be revealed. This app will be coming soon. We don’t have exact date or month but it’s under the process.

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Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) is the first department to go cashless. This department is responsible for to manage the fees and charges structure for the users of prepaid cash cards.


All the residents in Chandigarh can sue the prepaid cash card. There will be app for it. The app going to launch soon. With the use of the app, the users need to download it and read what it requires. Users can use the app sitting their home. The app will be used top up load in mobiles, the merchants will read the cards to make the payments using the app.

How To Use Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card

We are here to provide you all the exact information we have received. How to use the prepaid cash card. Will also tell you which department or who can use the card.

All the government educational institutions, e-samparkcenters and hospitals will be able to use the cards.

This prepaid cash cards will allow all the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) and all the government departments to use the service. As the results say two lakh people travel daily using the buses. The transport system will help massively and the app will be helpful for all the department.

Use Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card Payment Service 

Chandigarh Housing Board

Work in CTU

Chandigarh Government Offices

Pay Bills

Hospitals Bills Pay

Education Institutes/Collages Fee Pay

All the services will be able to use by using the prepaid cash cards. Service includes are: Administration offers 78 G2C (government to citizen), G2B government to business), B2C (business to consumer). These services can be used through the network of e-Sampark centers.

Chandigarh Prepaid Cash Card Work Under

78 G2C (Government of Citizen)

G2B (Government of Business)

 B2C (Business To Consumers)

11E-Sampak Kiosks

18E-Sampak Enters

14 Gram Sampak Centers

The residents will be able to put load on the mobile through the designated merchants. App needs to be downloaded. All the mobiles having IOS, android phones will be able to download the app through google paly store. Play store is already installed in the mobiles. From the pay store, the app can be download and can be used. The merchants will read the card in order to make any payments.

Chandigarh administration also going to include eating places to accept the cards. Majority of restaurants will be able to provide the service of using the cards too.

Hence, the dream is to make Chandigarh City cashless using Prepaid cash cards. This will be done very soon.  All the residents in Chandigarh will be able to use the app and able to use the prepaid cash cards.

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