City Taxi Scheme 2017 Delhi Government (AAP) Low Fare / Rates For Travelling

City Taxi Scheme 2017 Delhi Government (AAP) Low Fare / Rates For Travelling. About the capital city, New Delhi : a new scheme to be launched by the government : city taxi scheme 2017 : benefits of the scheme.

Every one knows that New Delhi is the capital city of our country, India. All are aware about the traveling conditions in the capital city, New Delhi. The capital city of India is having a large number of population. Every day more and more people enter into the capital city of our country. As with the increase in population the traveling in New Delhi also became difficult. With in increase in population traffic increases and people faces more difficulties while traveling. The buses becomes overcrowded and then people started preferring cabs and taxis.

City Taxi Scheme 2017

The taxis and cabs in New Delhi are bit expensive. Sometimes the owner of the cabs charge traveling rates according to them. So to put a cap on the prices of the taxis and cabs, the Delhi government is launching a new scheme. The scheme is known as the City Taxi Scheme 2017. The city taxi scheme was mainly started in the year 2015 in which the rates of the cabs were fixed by the Delhi government and other services were also provided. Now the Delhi Government feels that the taxi scheme needs improvement. As the scenario is changing day by day so the Delhi government is planning make some more changes in the City Taxi scheme.

Delhi Government City Taxi Scheme

The city taxi scheme 2017 is starting up to bring some improvement and positive changes in the taxi services. The Delhi government has also looked up into the problems faced by the people. So the City Taxi scheme 2017 is meant to resolve the problems faced by the people while traveling. The cab services and the taxis will be improved in every manner. AAP government decided that the taxi and cab services should be developed. This scheme will also put up a cap on the prices of the taxi and cabs. The prices for traveling in taxis and cabs will set up as per the government rules.

Main benefits and key features of this City Taxi Scheme are mentioned here under.

  • An update is required in the scheme so the new City Taxi Scheme 2017 is starting.
  • The taxi services in New Delhi will be properly regulated through this scheme.
  • The prices for the taxis and cabs will also remain constant and will be charged as per the government norms.
  • To ensure the security of the customer the government as made it mandatory for all the taxis and cabs to make a panic button and other safety features such as a hooter etc.
  • Rate meters will also be available in the taxis and cabs and the bill will be generated as per the meter reading.
  • It is necessary for all the taxis to install a GPS and a panic button, under this scheme.

दिल्ली टॅक्सी स्कीम

All the taxis and cabs which will come under this scheme needs to follow all the instructions given by the Delhi Government. All the online cab operators such as the Uber and Ola can participate under this scheme. They can also make a online registration by visiting the site of Delhi Government. This is a very beneficial scheme for both the Taxi operators and the civilians of the state. The Delhi Government has made up new norms, rules & regulations under this scheme. Along with the new rules the new penalties for the violation of rules are also been set up. For more details regarding this new scheme you can make a log in to the official web link of Delhi Government.

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