Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11 with Nia Sharma & Geeta Phogat

Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11 with Nia Sharma & Geeta Phogat

Bigg Boss 11 contestants list for this year will be leaked. In this list the names are amazing. In this list the realer Geeta Phogat, Dhinchak Pooja, Nia Sharma. Most surprising name is Dhinchak Pooja. If you dint know about Dhinchak Pooja then we will tell you. Few months back she uploaded a song on youtube name is Swag Wali Topi. This song is generally for entertainment purpose.

Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11

Within few days this song goes viral she got million of hits ion this song. The she continue with his new song name Daru Daru. This is also viral. Now this is best Next song is Selfie Mene lae le AAj goes viral again. Now her new song Pink Scotter. Teaser of this song released few days back. Now one of the most important thing you know about Dhinchak Pooja is she is very smart.

Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11
Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11

Her youtube popularity increase day by day. Youth waiting for his new song. So guys this is the basic intro about Dhinchak Pooja. Now rumors are that Dhinchak Pooja will be enter in the Bigg Boss 11 Show as Celebrity. Guys this is only a News. We only assume. We are not conforming about any contentment’s. The Bigg Boss 11 Contestants list will be updated soon on our website soon.

Now talk about Nia Sharma. She is famous form a TV Show name Jamai Raja. After her success she faces huge criticism on social media. Now last 2 months she is in lime light. Chances if NIA Sharma is more in BB11.

Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11 

Last is the Geeta Phogat. She well knows form movie Dangal. After Dangal you see her many TV Shows. Chances may be she will also be a part of Bigg Boss season 11. The final verdict is that all the contents are good and entertaining. Few names also come and we are mentioned Name below. for Commoners The Bigg Boss 11 Audition is open. If you are interested, then you can apply now.

Lates News concern with Dhinchak Pooja is her all video will be removed form youtube due to copy write claim by some Kattapa Singh. After that all the video will be removed. After one day 2 videos back on youtube. We Don’t Know exactly Dhinchak Pooja is come in Bigg Boss 11 or Not, but now days she is all over like facebook, youtube and twitter also.

  1. Mishthi Chakraborty
  2. Pouwlomi Polo Das
  3. Achit Kaur
  4. Nandish Singh
  5. Navneet Kaur Dhillon
  6. Abhishek Malik
  7. Zoya Afroz
  8. Mohit Malhotra
  9. Avani Soni


  1. Jai Hind Big Boss sir Humne bhi Bigg Boss 11 audition de rakha hai aur ek baar ghar par Bulao Phir dekhte hain apna karnama Jai Hind Babu sir

  2. Hy big boss m Monika Chauhan from Delhi se ho or m house wife ho good night Bigg boss sssssssssssssssss lovely show waiting for good night BiggBoss sssssssssssssssss ssssss ssssssssssssssss I love you

  3. Bigg boss please Give me one chance to come ur show n I promise to god I’m physically very strong Bigg Boss I want to prove to people who is looking down to the people of northeastern and before me celebrity is nothing because I’m thousand times stronger than them Bigg Boss after sending u auditions form n video after that I cn nt sleep properly n cn nt eat food nicely and I always use to think Ur Bigg Boss show please plz plz give me one chance n Bigg boss 😔😔😔😔

  4. Hi biggboss,I am Alina khan( Nazma khan niyazi) from Indore,would love to be part of BiggBoss 11. I am a fashion designer

  5. hi big boss mene apna audition video send kiya hai ab pata kaise chalega ki wo video apke pass send ho gyi hai
    . audition ki last date kab hai?
    thank you
    Deepak awana .

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