Free Coaching For Handicapped / Physically Disabled Students Application Form

Free Coaching For Handicapped / Physically Disabled Students Application Form. A new scheme has been launched by the Modi government for free coaching. Divyang been launched and applications are available to fill. This scheme has invited all the institutions to participate.

Free Coaching For Handicapped

Central government wanted to do to comfort the Divyang or handicapped students. So, they come with the scheme. Government running under Narendra Modi launched this scheme. Under this scheme all the handicap students will get free coaching. It’s hard for the handicap students when it comes to exams and competitive tests. Under this scheme, the handicap students will get special and free coaching. They handicap students will get special attention and platform to learn which will help them for the preparation of the tests.

All the handicap/divyang/physically challenged students will receive financial help from the central government. Rs 2500 per month allowance will be provided to all those divyang students. This amount will help them to take special coaching where they can collaborate with the institutions to learn more effectively. Rs 2,500 will be given for to take coaching in the local instates. But those students who going to take coaching out of station not locally, they will receive the amount of Rs 5,000 per month. The official web page where all the information can be found is

Free Coaching For Physically Disable Students

What is the eligibility criteria for to have free coaching?

Underneath you can find the full details how to get free coaching and criteria which is as under:

  • Students must hold 40% certificate of disability in order to take the advantage of this scheme.
  • The annual salary of the parents of disabled child must not exceed Rs 6 Lakh per annum. If the salary in household per annum is more than 6 lakh, the handicap students won’t be eligible to get benefits from this scheme of free coaching.
  • To all the handicap students taking coaching locally will get Rs 2500 per month and those out of station will get Rs 5000 per month.

What courses offered Under Free Coaching For Handicapped?

We are providing here the list of courses which can be studied by the students which are as follow:

Free Coaching For Handicapped
Free Coaching For Handicapped
  • For the group A and B posts UPSC, RRBs and SSC will be conducted. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. RRBs stands for Railway Recruitment Boards and SSc stands for Staff Selection Commission.
  • The Recruitment conducted for the group A and Group B will be conducted in different states.
  • Exams conducted by the IBPS and PSUs for all the officer level posts can be studied under this scheme. IPBS stands for Banking Personal Selection. All the National Banks and Government insurance companies come under this scheme. PSUs stands for Public Sector Undertakings.

There will be entrance exam for the admissions in the following:

  • IIT and JEE (Engineering)
  • Medical (NEET)
  • CAT (Professional courses like management
  • Law (CLAT)

Any other exams or disciplines coming or launching, the ministry will decide to add those with time. There will be reviews over the performance of the courses taken.

Thus, for all the handicap students, it’s an platform to take opportunity to study and take the benefits.

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