Garib Kalyan Card Uttar Pradesh Apply Online By Yogi Adityanath Scheme

Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh Apply Online. Yogi Adityanath Garib Kalyan Card Schemes, UP Garib Kalyan Card Apply Online, Check Status of Garib Kalyan Card. Steps taken by the central government for the poor people : Garib Kalyan Card yojana formed to remove poverty : benefits of the card and the yojana.

The central government of India is bringing out various innovative ideas to remove poverty from the country. Current prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has also set up an motto to remove the poverty from our country. Its not a new thing to hear that our country is having a large number of poverty line. There are many people in India who are below poverty line. Such people don not have enough money to get their sufficient meals for a day. So these people work to earn for their present day and present meals. These people don’t have a safe place to live or to sleep, as they don’t have any regular source of income.

Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh

For all such kind of people the Modi government has launched numerous types of schemes. The schemes started by the central government are related to free housing, benefits in ration stores, kanyadaan yojana, berojgari bhatta yojana and some kind of recruitment schemes etc. These schemes sounds to be really beneficial for the poor people of the country. But the poor people can only take the benefits of these scheme if they have a Garib Kalyan Card.

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Garib Kalyan Card is a mandatory thing required by every person belonging to BPL category. This card will be issued by the government only to those people who are really poor and have a annual family income of Rs. 3 lakh or below. So we can also say that this card will act as a proof of the candidates of being a BPL family. Without this card the people will be unable to get the benefits of various schemes launched by the government. These Garib Kalyan cards will be made by the government and every person belonging to BPL category must apply for this card.

Yogi Adityanath Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh

The Garib Kalyan cards will be made by every state government for their respective state. Many of the Indian states have already made up the Garib Kalyan Crads for the poor people of their state. Recently, the state government of Uttar Pradesh has also released this Garib Kalyan Card Yojana.

Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh
Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh

Under this scheme the Garib Kalyan card will be made for the BPL people of Uttar Pradesh state. All the poor and needy people in UP state must apply and register themselves under this scheme.

Garib Kalyan Card Yojana Uttar Pradesh Apply Online Procedure

  1. Go to the main web link Uttar Pradesh state government.
  2. Seek under the schemes 2017.
  3. Under that click on the link for Uttar Pradesh Garib Kalyan Card Yojana 2017.
  4. The form will appear, fill that form with all the asked information.
  5. After that submit the form.

After the submission of form the verification will be done by the government. The income certificate of the family will be checked and than the BPL people will be selected. The selected people will then be registered for the Garic Kalyan card. The registered people will get their Garib Kalyan Card and then then they can take the benefits of the scheme. The main benefits of the Garib Kalyan Card are mentioned here under…

Benefits of UP Garb Kalyan Card

  • The people will get benefits in both the private as well as government hospitals.
  • Electricity and water will be provided to the around 1 crore BPL people.
  • Up to six lakh rupees will be provided as a loan for making houses, with less rate of interest.
  • Beneficiaries of Garib Kalyan Card will get oil, salt, pulses, sugar etc at the cheapest rates.

For knowing more norms regarding this yojana you are advised to visit the site of UP government. More Information will be Download Here . Question ask in the comment section below.

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