Haryana Grid Connected Rooftop of Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme

Haryana Grid Connected Rooftop of Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme. Policies of Haryana government : Grid Connected Rooftop solar plant : how to apply for the solar plant : objective of the scheme.

The government of Haryana has formulated various policies as for the betterment of the state and the people of the state. One of such policies are for the solar plants and solar energy. Solar plant policies was formed by the Haryana government to promote the generation of power from solar energy. Solar energy has come to be accepted as the major source of energy for future. As the solar energy is more sustainable, renewable, require little maintenance and more over is environment friendly.

Haryana Grid Connected Rooftop of Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme

In Haryana state there has been lot of use of solar plants and solar energy. The state government of Haryana is also giving various types of subsidy plans for solar panels and plants. Recently, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy is starting a new scheme which is known as the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy scheme. The name of the scheme completely shows that under this scheme a subsidy will be provided for rooftop solar system. Under this scheme you can install around 1000 Mega watt rooftop grid connection.

This project is launched by the Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana. The responsibility of formulating new policies and programs of non convectional and renewable sources of energy is under this department. The department is implementing various schemes concerning the proper utilization solar energy, micro hydel, bio gas and biomass energy etc. The proper utilization of these energies is necessary as these are eco – friendly and save the other means of energy. So this new scheme of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Plant is also launched.

Under this Grid Rooftop Solar Plant, 5 MW will be given in case of solar thermals for total 1000 solar power projects. These will be implemented by the NTPC Power Generation Corporation Limited. A project of 5 Mega Watt capacity of SPV and 100 MW from 5 MW is invited on a proposal. A range has been set for 100 KW to 2 MW for small capacity project under the Solar PV Project.

Grid Connected Rooftop of Solar Power Plant in Haryana Subsidy Scheme

This is a great scheme started by the Haryana state government. All the people of Haryana who all are interested in this scheme can apply for this scheme. The solar plants are very beneficial for both the civilians as well as the state. By utilizing the solar plants the energy resources will be consumed less. More over there will be no harm to the environment and atmosphere. By making use of this grid roof connected solar plant, the people of state can also contribute in utilizing the energy resources properly. To apply for this scheme some steps are given beneath…

  • First of all you have to visit the official web page of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.
  • On the home page various links and sections will be available.
  • Select the most appropriate link for the Solar Photo voltaic Program.
  • Then select the Grid Roof Top Solar Plant.
  • An application form will then appear on the screen.
  • Fill the application form with all the details required.
  • After filling the form click on Apply and then submit the form.
  • You can also download the form and take its print out for any further concerns.

After the submission of the form, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy will also provide a financial aid for setting up the Grid Rooftop Solar Plant. So all the willing contenders in Haryana state must apply for this scheme and help out in contributing to the state for the proper consumption of energy resources.

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