Haryana Government Old Age, Viklang Pensioners Get Pension Direct To Home

Haryana Government Old Age, Viklang Pensioners Get Pension Direct To Home. It has been announced by the Chief minister of Haryana that the pensions will be given to the disabled people at their residents/home.

Who is the chief minister of Haryana and what statement he made?

Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana made the announcement. In the announcement, he states that people who are handicap or suffering from old age time, the pensions will be given to their homes. For to help this scheme works more efficiently, CM has informed the Department of Social Justice & Rights to prepare the schemes. Chief Minister also announced to add old age pension and disability pension. These pensions come under the right to service act.

After several meetings, CM Khattar has announced the scheme to give away pensions at people homes who comes under the category of old age or disable. The meetings been raised with several official government officers. This scheme is formulated specially for the old age and handicapped people.

Haryana Government Old Age, Viklang Pensioners Get Pension Direct To Home

India is a country where children look after their parents and families. But becauseeveryone is working nowdays’ people get busy. Half of the time for working people goes in serving the daily duties and travelling. Metro cities took 12 hours a day in work and travel. Which makes it harder for person to look after old or disabled people back home.

People in Haryana were going through this problem from a long time. Pension scheme is the pillar for people in their old age. Pension is all about their food and shelter. They can’t rely on somebody at home to take them to the bank and collect their pensions. That is why, the official requests been made by the public and the CM heard the voice of public in order to create something to help them.

Haryana Government Old Age, Disable Pensioners Get Pension Direct To Home

Chief Minister look into the matter and had several meetings with different departments in pension scheme. The idea was to deliver the money into people homes. It was difficult to act and the work is hard. Than the scheme then been made and  officially announced.

This scheme took several meetings and considerations. Chief Minister Manaohar Lal Khattar, has to speak with the pensioners in order to launch the scheme. Being an CM of Haryana state he come across lot of trouble issues people facing. People who are in old age or disabled were going through bad times and had several issues.

CM took the charge to better the facility for the old age and disabled people. It’s hard in old age to go to the bank or make the way to the bank. Same applied for the disabled people as well to go to the bank or make the way to the bank. CM planned to launch a scheme where old age people and disabled people doesn’t have to go to the banks and stand in a long que to collect their pensions. The pensions for these people will reach their home.

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