How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card Online (JIO) Re-Verification

How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card Online (JIO) Re-Verification Steps, Airtel Number Link to Aadhar Card, IDEA Number Link to Aadhar Card.

DirectlyLink Mobile Number with Aadhar 


Link Aadhar Card with Driving Licence

Link Mobile Number With Aadhar Card is very important today. As I already got so many massages from my telecom company to link my Aadhar Card number to Mobile number Online. As they directed to us to visit the nearest retailer to do the same. But here in this Article I would like to tell you that how you can link your Aadhar Card with your Mobile Number.

How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card

It is very easy to link your Aadhar Card to your mobile number to carry on your further service. To keep your mobile service activated without any delay you must have to link your Aadhar Card. As many of our readers are the customers of the Airtel and Idea Telecom connections.  As we already user of these two company. The Airtel and Idea already send the massages to their customer to link their Aadhar Card with the mobile number. So that you can enjoy their further services in future.

You will Get This Type of Message

How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card
How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card

I know after reading the above paragraph you have so many questions in your mind. Sp guys I already told you that I can tell you’re everything related to this topic. So don’t worry calm and read the article.

How To Link my JIO Mobile Number With Aadhar

  1. Visit the Near JIO Store with your Documents mentioned Below.
  2. Read Instruction on JIO Offcial website.
  3. You will get a 4 digit verification code on your Mobile Number.
  4. Applicants have to give this Code to JIO Storekeeper and then Give your Bio-metric Thumb Impression.
  5. With in 24 Hours you will a Message from Side of JIO for Conformation. You need to Reply Y to Complete the EKYC Process.
  6. The Your JIO Mobile Number Link with Aadhar Card Completed.
  7. The Whole Process is Free, and No need to pay a Single Penny to Anyone.

Aadhar Card is very important for all of us in today.  So the department of Telecommunication has already instructed to all the Indian Telecom Operators to verify all their mobile number by linked up them with the Aadhar Card.  So after the Link of Aadhar card they can continue their service.

Till date only the Airtel and Idea sending the massage related o link the Aadhar Card with the mobile number. But later the BSNL, Vodafone etc. also send the same massage to their user in futures.   So guys you have to know about the same that how you can link your Aadhar Card with your mobile number. It is very easy to operate the same. Continue with us.

How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card Massage

“As per Government’s directive, it is mandatory to link Aadhar Card with your Airtel Mobile number. Visit your nearest Retailer to ensure continued services.”

“सरकारी निर्देश अनुसार आपके एयरटेल मोबाइल नंबर को आधार कार्ड से जोड़ना अवशयक है । आधार लिंक करने के लिए अपने नजदीकी एयरटेल रेटाइलर से संपर्क करे ।“

It Clearly means that if you don’t linked up your Aadhar Card with your mobile number then they should cut down your connection. You are unable to continue your services. So that by using the Aadhar Card with mobile number can lower down the Fake sim card holder. This will add the security for its users.

Documents Required for Linking Mobile Number With Aadhar Card

  • Copy of Aadhar card of the Mobile number owner and mobile number.
  • You have to switch on the mobile number at the time of the verification.
  • Then you can receive the one time password in your activated mobile number.
  • Fingerprint verification.

How To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card Re-verification Process

  • If you got massage from your telecom company any time , then visit the nearest retailer shop.
  • Give them your Aadhar Card Photostat and mobile number.
  • Then the retailer will send you the verification code in your mobile number.
  • Give the verification code to your retailer.
  • Now he will take your finger prints on the biometric machine.
  • Go home and wait for the final massage got from the company.
  • Now you will got the verification and confirmation massage from your company.
  • Reply this confirmation massage with “Y”.
  • Verification completed.
  • Now your sim successfully link with the Aadhar Card.

So dear reader this is free of cost don’t pay to anyone. This is just the online verification of the mobile number so that they will deactivate the fake numbers. If you have still question regardingHow To Link my Mobile Number With Aadhar Card” Then You can ask in the comment section below.

Telecom Companies in India Re-Verification Process

  • Airtel
  • Idea
  • Vodafone
  • JIO
  • Reliance Communication
  • BSNL
  • Aircel
  • Tata Communication
  • Videocon Telecom
  • Telenor India

In India Telecom Regulation of India also Call TRI said that if you use any Indian Telecom service you need to Re Register for you number.This is basically a Re-verification process, in witch your Phone number linked with Aadhar card. This whole process will take hardly 10 minutes. If i share y experience go to any nearest store, which you can proffered. Then show them your Aadhar card. The person Add your Aadhar card number into verification and then finger print is required. When your fingerprint is match with your Aadhar, then your process is almost completed. With in few minutes you will get as Message that your number is linked with Aadhar. You will get a Conformation Message with in 24 Hours that your number verification is completed. The Process for Linking you Aadhar Card with Jio Number is simple. You can follow the steps witch we mentioned in this website. Guys you all know this is very important for you to link your Aadhar card with you mobile Number. This is one of the necessary process witch is required by the Indian government. Please ask your Question in the comment section.


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