Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017 LED Tube-light, Fan Distribution By CM Virbhadra

Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017
Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017

Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017 LED Tube-light, Fan Distribution By CM Virbhadra. Ujala Scheme  promoted by the Himachal Pradesh Government CM Virbhadra Singh for the Energy Efficiency.

As the Vidhan Sabha Election is coming in the State of the Himachal Pradesh 2017 and the present government launched new schemes day by day so to promote their  party. So recently our Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh  Virbhadra Singh launched new scheme for the efficiency of the Energy.

Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017

  • Scheme Name: Ujala or Unnat Jeevan Scheme
  • State Launched Scheme: Himachal Pradesh
  • Launched by: Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh ( Mr. Virbhadra Singh)

On Wednesday 29th March 2016 the Chief Minister of the Himachal Pradesh promote Energy Efficiency, under this scheme they distributes  the Light-Emitting Diode i.e. LED tube light and Energy Efficiency fans. So that our consumer may used the energy as per their daily use.

Before this Government of Himachal Pradesh only distributes the LED Bulb to the consumers  but now in recent scheme they will going to distributes the LED Tube-Lights and LED Fans, Under Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017, which consumed Less energy. Which was very useful for our bright future.

Distribution Products

  • LED Tube Lights
  • Fans

Ujala or Unnat Jeevan Scheme:-

This scheme which was introduced by the Government of Himachal Pradesh is known by two name i.e. Ujala Scheme and Unnat Jeevan.  With the both two name we thinking abut  our good future that  if in present we consumed the energy then we can see our future  Unnat Jeewan and our children will be live in Ujala so the name given to this scheme is very well suitable.

HP Government LED Tube light, Fan Distribution Scheme

Under these scheme all the appliance which are also affordable to the public and LED will be given to the consumers it is an extension of the States  Domestic Efficient lighting Programme . According to  Mr. Virbhadra Singh that  Ujala scheme was the integral part of  the State’s Energy  conservation initiative and had been very successfully adopted by the people of the Himachal Pradesh.

According to the EESL (Energy Efficiency Service Limited a joint Venture of the Public sector unit of the Ministry  of the power. This scheme is very well for the  conservation of the State Energy scheme.  This was also the key of the  thrust area of the State and had been laid on scaling up its implementation.

CM Virbhadra Singh UJALA Scheme 2017

As previously they said that after announcement or starting this scheme in the year 2015-16 they will distributed the 74 Lacs LED Bulb to the 12 Lakhs customers of the Himachal Pradesh. With the use and distribution of the These LED Bulb approximately 150 MU per annual energy  saved by the State. This is really an amazing things. Really a good steps toward the consuming the energy.

Himachal Pradesh Berojgari Bhatta Scheme

On the Other side our Energy Minister Mr Sujan Singh Pathania told us about the cost price  of the Bulb and its value that the cost of the one LED Bulb is of Rs.230/- each and with three year warranty that you can replace the one damaged bulb  with the new bulb .

Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017 LED Tube-light

  • Cost of LED Tube Light: Rs.230/- each
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty replacement

Like the LED Bulb  Five star rating 50 Watt ceiling fan that will also replace conventional 75 Watt fan cost of Rs.1,150/- with the two year warranty replacement.

Himachal Ujala Scheme 2017 Fan

  • Fan of 75 Watt
  • Cost of Rs.1,150/-
  • Warranty 3 year replacement

Offcial Webportal – himachalpr.gov.in

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