My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership Indizel (Fuel Station) Apply Online

Indizel Petrol Pump Dealership
Indizel Petrol Pump Dealership

My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership Indizel (Fuel Station) Apply Online, Opportunity to open the own Petrol Pump, every month will be 4 to 5 Lakhs.

The Eco Energy Company will now going to give the opportunity to the every persons to open the Petrol Pump. This Company will sells the fuels from the Indigenous Brand. According to the information taken from the official website of the company that they are now going to open its petrol pump in the six States of the India like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.

My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership

They also gives the opportunity to open the  Shops in the Public places like Restaurants, grocery stores , Malls Offices by taking the dealership of this company. So this is really a good opportunity to do the business by taking the dealership of the this company. So don’t think so much about this if you are think about this then take the chance to do the business.

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According to this Company they gives the dealership of the business to the  National Highway, Highway and Tehsil area which are connected to  the main road side to the  States. And the company also think to open the fuel Station to the main road side cities and Rural area at any places.

Indizel Petrol Pump Dealership

So the interested may apply for the  Fuel Station as well as for the Shop Business Models from the company. So after applying for these Fuel Station  and Business Office you can earn more than 4 Lakhs Rupees per month. With the passage of time month by month the earning will be increases in figures.

Before applying  for the dealership of this company  First you have to know about the company

  • This is the company of Indigil Brand called my Eco Energy and this company mainly sells the diesel made from Bio-Fuelled.
  • This is the first company in India which claims that Indegenous India is the First.  According to the other diesel this fuel has more mileage.
  • Day by day the age of the Indigenous fuel engine increases. So its performance like the Petrol.

Indizel My Eco Energy Fuel Station

So these are the advantage of the dealership of the company. And now I am telling you about this  that how you can apply for the dealership of this company. So do apply:-

  • Fisrtslyif you ever think to take the dealership of this company and wants to open the Petrol Pump then you have to go to the official website of the company.
  • From the official website you have to download the application form .
  • After downloading the application form you also have to download the instruction file with the term and condition. So read carefully about the information provided by the company about the term and condition.
  • You can apply for both i.e. petrol Pump and Outlet of the company.
  • With the submission of the application form you also have to submit the demand Draft of 1 Lakh.
  • Draft will be made in favor of My own Eco Energy Pvt.
My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership
My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership

So by following this steps you can apply for the Petrol Pump and Outlet from the company. Without the demand draft the application form will be rejected. So the company will open the Petrol pump firstly in the 6 States of the India. As we take the information from the official website of the company about the 6 States of the India. And the States are:-

Indizel Petrol Pump Franchise States

  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujrat
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Telangana
  • Rajasthan
  • Andhra Pradesh

If you are the permanent residents of the above any of the States then apply for the same. So if you are from  the other States don’t worry the company will soon also invites the  application form  from the other company.

Apart from above information now I am  telling you the most important information that you have to connect with the company with tow ways. As we already told you about that  you can  apply both  petrol Pump as well as for the Outlet of the company.

  • If you want to open a Fuel Station or Petrol Pump you have to deposit the amount of Rs.20 Lakh to 40 Lakh with the company as security amount.
  • But for the State of the Uttar Pradesh that if you want to open the petrol pump in UP then you have to deposit the security amount of Rs.15 Lakhs.

The above security amount is about the petrol pump and in case you want to open the  Shops then you have to pay the  amount of Rs.9 to 15 Lakhs.  With the deposit of the security amount  you also have the requirement of the Guarantee of the bank of Rs.21 to 30 Lakh for shops and for petrol pump  the bank guarantee amount of  Rs.30 to 80 Lakh.

To take the dealership  of the company you have to take the complete information from the official website of the company.

My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership Contact Number of the company for 6 States:-

  • Maharashtra Contact Number 9015158181
  • Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan Contact Number 9818817117
  • Gujrat Contact Number 8447718117
  • Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Contact Number: 9015157171

My Eco Energy Petrol Pump Dealership via company Indizel was released few month back. Those are interested company said they want application. Then they take a survey and then you will get approval, if everything goes good. We hope that if you interested, then you will get a Dealership of Indizel.


  1. mujhe Poon – Nagar Roadwar Parner talukya karita Myecoenergy Diesel/ Petrol pump ki dilership chahiye…….

    • Indizel target simple people who don’t know much more about this industry.Here are the points which proves that indizel is doing something wrong which is not ethical.

      They have not mentioned anything about refund time period and about installation time in agreement-They attract the people by some news papers, advertisements.they says that there product is 2 rs cheaper than others etc. . At the time of allotment they demand higher amount from there customers and then they promised to establish there setup within 30-45 days.after that they extends the date by 15 and 30 days and this process continues.After some months when u demand for return the amount they will tell u to deduct 1 lakh rupee as per u signed on the agreement. They have not mentioned any time duration for setup and installation thus u can not complain against this.they have not mention any refund time duration in the agreement thus u have to wait for how long they will decide.several applications are pending and only few gets refund in last 4 months
      They don’t have any fuel. they never tells what there product is. They never shows the documents. Rajasthan govt.(BIO FUEL AUTHORITY) clearly mention on there website that bio fuel retailing is not allowed in Rajasthan and instruct all authorities for not to provide such type of permission, but indizel says that this letter is not for them and they have a permission from High court. when u ask for the permission they will says that this is there private property.
      Govt (BIO FUEL AUTHORITY) have published a new notice on june 29, 2017 which allows the retail selling but INDIZEL is alloting there outlet since the month of oct 2016.
      Remember they have not mentioned anywhere in the agreement that they will sell their product 2 Rs cheaper than others.
      There documents contradict each other.
      they told us that they are not in essential commodity but they don’t have any documents which proves it. I think They have made some documents which are just a computer printed but i am telling u as per as i can understand the company is cheating with its customers.
      the deposit is on without interest so u can not demand the interest.
      they confuse us about there product that there product is not a bio fuel, not a conventional diesel, its a green fuel, Vegitable oil etc.
      There employs also don’t know what there product is.
      They have not opened any single retail outlet in last 2 years but still they are collecting the higher deposit for establishing a retail outlet.
      they just shows bigger dream to innocent people.
      they dont have any production house in india.
      they says that they are importing it from other countries but sir as fat as i searched there is a restriction of govt for importing of bio fuel and special permissions are required.
      at starting they were saying that there is a need of NOC from DM, After the letter(which was issued by bio fuel authority to all district authorities) they are saying that dealer don’t need any noc from DM,he have to just intimate to the collector.what it is??
      its just a money making policy

      One news ( 24*7) published about this on aug 20 at 7:52 Pm,
      Several customers gave the higher amount in month of 0ct 2016,and they are seeking for the please Be aware.

      Your Money Your decision,DO NOT TRUST WITHOUT ANY PRE ENQIRY

  2. I’m interested your company indizel petrol pump in delar sip. Harishchandra Gupta /parash nath Gupta vill &post utraula Paraspur teh colonelganj District Gonda (up). Pincode 271504..plz call me. 9780240576.8948439933…….

  3. Sir I am from Yamunanagar, Haryana want to open Petrol Pump of your Company. Please provide me full details on my email Id or Contact No 9991164393.


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