Jharkhand Government Free Smartphone Scheme Panchayat Workers Distribution

Jharkhand Government Free Smartphone Scheme Panchayat Workers Distribution. Here it comes the new scheme where the free smartphones will be given away under the Jharkhand scheme to the Panchayat workers.

Jharkhand Government Free Smartphone Scheme
Jharkhand Government Free Smartphone Scheme

Chief Minister of Jharkhand has announced to launch the scheme where free smartphones will be given to the panchayat workers. The free smartphones will be given to those who work for Panchayat Swayam Sevak. The mobile phones have been already distributed by the PM among all those members of Sakhimandals in the month of April 2017 in Sahibganj.

Jharkhand Free Smartphone Scheme

This scheme was made to help and in respect to give away smartphone to all the members of panchayat workers.  The official announcement for the scheme has been made during the meet of the Panchayat Swayam Sevaks meet. The meeting of the workers took place in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium which is located in Dhurva.

Jharkhand Government Free Smartphone Scheme

There been so many schemes getting launch all over India to help the people. Different states and state government doing so much in regards to help the people in all over situations like employment, providing food, accommodations, providing medical help, education, etc. These schemes been launched to motivation the people and the air to change the environment.

The state minster for rural development advised the CM to do something for the Panchayat workers. Panchayat workers been working for the people and launching the schemes. And they need to do something for to motivate and reward the Panchayat workers. Hence, CM announced to give away smartphone to all the Panchayat workers.

What is the objective to launch The Jharkhand Free smartphone scheme?

The main objective is to empower the digital technology among the Panchayat Swayam Sevaks. The panchayat workers will use smartphones to take out the work effectively and on time. The Jharkhand Free Smartphone Scheme will help the Panchayat workers to stay connected and communicate with the government departs in an effective way.

The mart phones will connect all the panchayat workers at the same level and any details or announcement with the department made can be distributed among all in seconds.

The scheme called as Pradhn Mantri Awas Yojana has been launched too. The state government and all the members have contributed their big role towards the launch of the Yojana. So, for their effort the Panchayat Swayam Sevaks will be paid as well.

The contribution of all the Panchayat workers is tremendous for which they going to get paid as an reward. Under the Awaas Yojana the state government announced to build houses/flats for low income and poor families which will be affordable to the. A separate column has been written for you guys to read on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The state government have collected 2.2 lakh rupees for to build the houses in the state under PMAY- Urban.

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