Johar Yojana Jharkhand 2017 – Rural Development Program

Johar Yojana Jharkhand 2017 – Rural Development Program – The Chief minister of Jharkhand state, Mr. Raghuvar Das has introduced numerous schemes in the state. The Johar Yojana Jharkhand’ started in the state are for the welfare of the state as well as the civilians of the state. The schemes so introduced are launched with the key feature to improve the standard of the people and develop the Jharkhand state overall. The scheme will help out the poor people in meeting up their daily needs. The Below Poverty Line people and the unemployed people will be provided with the different job opportunities in various state government departments. The daughters of poor families will also be provided with financial assistance to get married in a proper manner. There are many more such schemes launched for the benefit of the state.

Johar Yojana Jharkhand

The newly married couple will also get Rs. 11 – 11000 per head by the side of state government of Jharkhand. Around 272 newly married couple will get benefit of this amount. The benefit of this scheme can be taken by the newly married couple belonging to BPL family. They can apply for this scheme both in offline as well as via online mode. Whereas as the benefit of the scheme will be provided to them time to time. Another various scheme to be started in Jharkhand state are mentioned here under.

Johar Yojana Jharkhand
Johar Yojana Jharkhand

A new Johar Yojana scheme is going to be stared soon in Jharkhand state. This scheme will also bring the job opportunity to the unemployed people of the state. Under this scheme the state government will provide a financial help of Rs. 4 lakh for the Poultry farms. The state government will then buy the eggs from those poultry farms and various job opportunities will also be opened in this process. People will then get a job in the poultry farms or the jobs related to the supply of eggs to the state government.

Johar Yojana Jharkhand Rural Development Program

Another one is for the marriage of the daughters of the poor families. As we all known due to lack of money the poor families are unable to make proper arrangements for their daughters marriage. So in assistance to this, the state government has launched a scheme in which the poor families will be provided with the financial help from Jharkhand government. By the financial help the poor families will then also be able to conduct the marriage of their daughter with complete arrangements and with all the cultural and traditional rules.

Most importantly the state government of Jharkhand is looking towards the unemployed youth of the state. To provide employment opportunities, state government is putting up their best efforts. The unemployed youth will be recruited in various state government departments. Whereas a helpline number is also given by the government i.e. 181. This helpline number is to file a complaint against any of the government employee in case of misbehavior.

Johar Yojana 2017

To the mid of July 2017, a DPR will be formed from Ranchi Airport to Bisrah Chowk. The target of achieving this will be in two phases i.e. 15th November 2017 and the another scheme till 26th January 2018. All such things will be framed to make up a better image of the Jharkhand. The CM also said that all these “Johar Yojana Jharkhand” will be completed on their mentioned time. The civilians of the state must be really happy from these efforts made by the Jharkhand government. For more details make a visit to the official web link of Jharkhand state government.

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