Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme (KBITS) Online Registration Form

Karnataka ELEVATE 100
Karnataka ELEVATE 100

Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme (KBITS) Online Registration Form | elevate.bengaluruite.biz | Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme Entrepreneurship for Startup.

Description of the scheme : dates released to apply for the scheme : how to apply for the scheme : benefits of the scheme.

The government of Karnataka has come up with a new scheme that will be beneficial for the state. The new scheme released by the state government of ‘Karnataka is Elevate 100 scheme’. The main purpose of introducing this scheme is to nurture and identify new start up within the state. The launching event of this scheme is organized in Hotel Lalit Ashoka, Bengaluru.

Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme

The launching up of this scheme will brought up a new ray of hope to many people. As there must be many people in the state who wants to start up their own business. But are unable to do so, due to lack of money or any other reason. So by introducing this scheme, the state government of Karnataka will identify the most innovative start up in the state to elevate them to the higher level of success. As a total the government will identify only 100 start ups within the state. So this is the reason the name of the scheme is Karnataka Elevate 100 Scheme 2017.

To these start ups, the funds will also be grated by the state government only. All the interested people can apply for this opportunity and can get a chance to start up their own business. A part of financial assistance will also be provided by the government and the process to start up will be made much more easier. To apply for this opportunity the people has to register themselves on the official web link i.e. www.elevate.bengaluruite.biz. there are 2 steps to apply for this new elevate 100 scheme. The first option is to ‘Apply to Pitch’ and the second option is ‘Delegate Registration’.

Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Registration Online Steps

Access to the web link mentioned elevate.bengaluruite.biz

You can direct Go to Registration Page from here.

On the home page various sections will be shown.

To apply for the pitch click on ‘Apply to Pitch’.

To apply for the delegation click on the link for ‘Delegation registration’.

Then fill up the respective form with all the required details.

Complete the process of form filling and then click on submit.

The registration will be done successfully.

Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Service (KBITS) has started the online registration process for Karnataka Elevate 100 scheme 2017 from 4th July. The last date to apply for this scheme is 18th July 2017. All those people who think they have a new and better idea can apply for the scheme. The pitching session will be done on Mysuru, Mengaluru, Bengaluru, kalaburagi and Hubbali.

Example of Registration Page

Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme
Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme
Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme Registration
Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme Registration

All the people who dreams to make a start up can apply for this scheme. The scheme has numerous benefits and some of the benefits are mentioned below…

Benefits and Motive of Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Scheme

  • The scheme will bring up a boost to the trade and business in Karnataka state.
  • The funding and mentor-ship for the start up will also be given by the state government of Karnataka.
  • Till now the Karnataka government has identified 46 start ups and sanctioned about 15.68 crore. The start ups was identified as 26 start ups in Biotechnology, 8 in tourism and 12 in IT sector.
  • Idea validation, networking opportunities, legal and emerging technologies and various other facilities will also be provided under this scheme by the state government.

There are many more benefits which will be given under this scheme. So all the interested people must register for “Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Registration” and be a part of the scheme. For more details please consult the official web link as mentioned above.

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