Karnataka Universal Health Schemes 2017 APL / Government Employees

Karnataka Universal Health Schemes 2017 APL / Government Employees. Karnataka state going to launch a new government scheme which is called as Universal Health Scheme. Rajiv Arogya Bhagya For APL and Jyothi Sanjeevini For Government Employees Upto 1.5 Lakh Per year.

Karnataka Universal Health Schemes

This scheme is for those people who are in much need of medical facilities. With the help of this scheme the people will get medical assistance in minutes and in approachable manner. This scheme is supposed to be launched within three months’ time from now. The launch date will be revealed soon on our website. We will keep you all posted about the current affairs on the universal health services.

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Rajiv Arogya Bhagya For APL

This launch of the scheme within three months is announced by Chief Minister Siddaramajah. This scheme is still holding meetings in order to make it effective. The motive of this scheme is to provide approachable medical services to the people. Rural areas and poor people can take the advantage of this scheme and can be treated fearfully.

Jyothi Sanjeevini For Government Employees

It is very important for all the users to have the Aadhar Card and there Aadhar number.  With the use of the Aadhar card and Aadhar number, the beneficiaries going to get single card. To activate the card for to use the scheme for medical health Aadhar card is very important. With the help of Aadhar card the medical card will get activated and can be used by the people. This card can be used by the people for cashless transections. Cashless transections can be made at any private hospitals.

What are the benefits of Karnataka Universal Health Schemes?

  • You can find underneath the details and benefits for the universal health scheme which are as follows:
  • The patients who opted for the scheme, will have the first priority to be treated in the government hospitals in the Karnataka state.
  • The first treatment in the government hospital will be free of charge, there won’t be any fees for the treatment.
  • The patients are allowed to go to the private hospitals only if there are not enough facilities available in the government hospitals.
Karnataka Universal Health Schemes
Karnataka Universal Health Schemes
  • The patient need to acquire an official letter from the government in order to have the free treatment in the private hospital. The letter need to be official and stamped.
  • The users will be issued a card which will be recognized by their Aadhar cards.
  • This scheme is made to support and help public for the betterment of health care services.
  • This card can be used by the patients for to do cashless transactions at private hospitals.

Universal Health Scheme For Government Employee

Under the scheme of Universal Health, the patience will get free treatment in the government hospitals as well as in private hospital/institutions as well. In the private institutions, the free treatment will only be given if the patient has an official letter from the government hospital.

The government hospital patients be only sent to the private hospitals only if the facilities in the government hospital are not provided. Only if there are not enough equipment’s to take out the treatment for the patient. Thus, it is requested that all the people in Karnataka should make their cards. The cards will help them to do cashless payments. The medical treatment will be more effectively seeking this time.

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