Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Kerala State – Application Forms Online

Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Kerala
Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Kerala

Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Kerala State – Application Forms Online – Karunya Health Insurance of Rs.2 Lakh in the State of Kerala will be launched again. As previously it will be launched in the year 2012 but now it will come in the new advantage of the insurance so that the patient will get the benefit of the same. As this scheme will be launched by the State Government of the Kerala for brining an health insurance under the name of the Karuna Health Insurance and the amount of this insurance will be of Rs.2 Lakh and for the other diseases   it will of Rs.3 Lakh.

Karunya Health Insurance Scheme

Scheme: Karunya Health Insurance

Amount of Insurance: 2Lakh

State launched this scheme: Kerala

Website: www.karunya.kerala.gov.in

As I already told you that this scheme will already be launched in the year 2012 and at that time the fund  of Rs.110.06 Crore will be released by the State Government and distributed to the eligible persons. As we know that  the main object to launched these type of scheme to provided the financial support to the patient so that they will be take care of them selves.

Now this scheme will be relaunched with the new advantage.  Now the State Government  currently have to spend more that Rs.2.50 Crore rupee. With this scheme  the State government will also provided the Health insurance of   Rs.2 Lakh to the people under the new scheme of Karunya Health Insurance. This scheme will be provided you the money for the major diseases like cancer, Heamophilia, Kidni and heart diseases.

Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Kerala

So if you have above type of dangerous diseases  then this scheme will be very helpful to you and also be get the Health insurance of Rs.2 Lakh so that  you can take the medicine  etc. from the hospital. This is really the big help from the side of the State government. Because in these days the  cost of the medicine and hospital charges are very high and a common persons are not able to be get  pay the bill of the hospitals.

As I told you that the minimum amount of the health insurance under this scheme will of Rs.2 Lakh, but  if any of the patient will be affected with the Haemophilia then the government will provided you the health Insurance of Rs.3 lakh.

You can only get this amount of help by the State government, if you are eligible for the same and also get the health insurance . So here I am telling you the …

Eligibility criteria for the Karuna Health Insurance scheme

  • Patient will be the bonafide residents of the  Kerala and have to show the residential proof.
  • Privileged persons are able to get the benefit of this scheme.
  • The persons will be belong to the poor family.

At the time of applying the application for getting the helpful fund from the government, you should also have to some important document so that you will get regieterd for this scheme and the documents are:-

Documentation For Karunya Health Insurance Scheme

  • Residential proof of the Kerala.
  • Annual family income certificate.
  • Voter card, adhar card any identity card.

Now after knowing about this scheme now I am telling you that how to apply for this scheme. Now come with me to know how to apply for the Karunya Swasthya Scheme of Kerala:-

Karunya Health Insurance Scheme Application Form

To fill the application for the registration of this scheme the applicant have to visit the official site of the Karunya Swasthya. As the link of that official will be given below i.e. www.karunya.kerala.gov.in . After filling the application form you can also check the status of your application form by filling the application number which will be given to you at the time of filling the application form.

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