Kerala Project LIFE – 1 lakh Homeless People Housing Scheme

Kerala Project LIFE
Kerala Project LIFE

Kerala Project LIFE – 1 lakh Homeless People Housing Scheme

The chief minister of Kerala state has launched up a new project for the betterment of the state. The name of this project is ‘Project Life’. The Project life will pay its attention towards Livelihood, Inclusion and Financial Empowerment. Whereas the main target of launching this scheme is to provide roof to all those people who are homeless or are living in slums. This project was announced by the CM after the completion of 100 days of the state government. Now the Kerala government is fully prepared to start up this project.

Kerala Project LIFE

The state government has a target to provide homes to around 2 lakh homeless families of Kerala. According to the sources it came in front that as a total there are about 4.70 lakh families who don’t have a shelter over their heads. Among these 4.70 lakh families, 2.91 lakh families have their lands but don’t have adequate money to construct a house whereas the remaining 1.79 lakh families are not only homeless but are landless.

By launching up this new project the state government of Kerala is trying to ensure the homes for the homeless as well as land for the landless. The state government is sure that within next 5 years they will provide houses to all the homeless families of Kerala state.

Under the first phase of Project Life, the state government has a pilot project to provide home to 600 families within a year. The homes so constructed will be constructed by keeping in mind the sensitivity of land and various other residential facilities. The various residential facilities ensured are mentioned below…

Facilities Provided In Kerala Project LIFE By Government

  • Skill training centers will be available.
  • Common study rooms.
  • Creche.
  • Gymnasiums.
  • Meeting halls.
  • Efficient power supply and back up.
  • Water supply.
  • Sanitation facilities and
  • Palliative care for the senior citizens.

The skill training centers will help the adult occupants to fetch the means of livelihood and attain the financial empowerment. The Social Justice and Local Self Government and Labor departments will also support them in getting training in field of palliative care, plumbing, farming, mechanical, electrical and other household duties.

Kerala Government Provide 1 Lakh Houses To Homeless Under Project LIFE

For the initial stage the Kerala is divided into 3 zones i.e. South Kerala, North Kerala and the Central Kerala. Around 6 residential complexes will be constructed in 2 taluks of each zone. Each complex constructed under the Project life housing scheme will give household facility to around 100 families.

The main priority will be given to the families run by the single women, old people or who are victims of the natural calamities and domestic violence. The state government of Kerala has ensured that within a year they will construct 2 complexes in every 2 taluks of each zone. Each complex will cover 100 families, so as a total 600 families will get houses within a year in the said zones.

Project LIFE Kerala Government

This is an amazing project launched by the Kerala state government. The Kerala government has a further plan to make Kerala zero homeless state within next 5 years. All the poor people of the state will now get a shelter over their head. By taking this step the standard of living of the people will also improve and thus the people will move towards the development.

The Kerala Project Life will make an overall development of the state as well. Thus we can also say that this is a step taken by the Kerala CM in addition to the Housing to All scheme launched by the PM.

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