Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration 2017 Date | Trek Route Online

Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration
Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration

Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration 2017 Date | Trek Route Online | Kinner Kailash a beautiful place : about the surroundings of Kinner Kailash : located in a Kinnaur : details about the trek to Kinner Kailash, Kinner Kailash Yatra Weather, Resting Points, Medical Facility.

If you form Himachal or near to Himachal, Then your surely heard about Kinner Kailash. This is the Place where we Found Lord Shiva. This is one of the Most Interesting, Dangerous and Longest Track. This track is full of Adventure. You you want to Participate in Kinner Kailash Yatra, Then note down the Opening season and timing, witch is mention in this website. Guys you need to download all the details form in the below section.

Kinner Kailash is a mountain located in district Kinnaur of an Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. As it is situated in Kinnaur, it is also called as the Kinnaur Kailash. Kinner Kailash is considered as to be the winter residence of Lord Shiva. This is the reason it is also considered as sacred by both the Hindus and the Buddhist (kinnauries). The Kinner Kailash mountain is sometimes confused with Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration 2017

Kinner Kailash is at a height of 6050 meters which borders the Kinnaur district. The Kinner Kailash Range borders Kinnaur district in south and is dominated by the Kinner Kailash with an elevation of 6050 meters and Jorkendan with an elevation of 6473 meters. Jorkedan is the highest peak of Kinner Kailash range. The Kinner Kailash and Jorkedan can be admired by the people even from the place named as Kalpa in Kinnaur. It is said that Lord Shiva conducts a meeting of all the Devis and Devtas on Kinner Kailash in the month of January. If you plan for Trek Need ‘Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration 2017′ Offline. Kinner Kailash has a spectacular terrain of lush, cold desert mountains, orchads, snow peaks and green valley. With this Shrikhand Yatra Registration is also Started for 2017. We wish that you will reach your destination safely.

Kinnaur District is also a beautiful place which is rich in flora and fauna, its culture, its language and fairy tales & fantasies. The landscape of Kinnaur varies from the Sangla valley and continues to the magnificence of Hanrang valley.

Kinner Kailash Trek Registration

Kinner Kailash is basically a trek which is covered by many people every year. This trek is done up to the Shiv Lingam as to be there is considered as to be in the lap of lord Shiva. The trek is originally known as the Kinner Kailash Parikrama (Circumblation). This trek is considered as one of the toughest trek in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The parikrama of Kinner Kailash starts fron Tang Ling village and finally ends in Sangla valley on other side. The easiest way of this trek is about 8 to 10 kn one side with one night to be spent in the caves before the final climb to Shiv Lingam. Earlier the route was lengthy bu now it has been shortened.

Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration 2017 Date

to start the trek there are many different places and many of the places of Kinnaur comes in between the trek. The trek is very challenging and the places from where the trek will be continued are Sangla, Thangi, Lambar, Charang, Lalanti, Charang La, Chitkul and Rakcham. The trek can also be end up in any of the place. Some people also start their trek from Shimla but from Shimla they can also drive up to Sangla. Then from Sangla they can start their trek or the people can also start their trek from the other side and can end up in Sangla Valley.

Kinner Kailash Yatra Route

The Kinner Kailash Yatra Route is mention in this post clearly. If you face any difficult ask in comment section. Every year many people come from different places of the country to be on this trek. The trek is also organized officially by the Tourism Department, Himachal Pradesh. Most of the Himachali people are also found in this trek as it is considered to be sacred.

People do this parikrama as to show their loyalty, faith and to feel the vibes of Lord Shiva. The place is full of scenic beauty and the Kinner Kailash Parvat can also be viewed from some parts of Kinnaur. The trek to Kinner Kailash is started in the month of July as on the other months it is covered with snow. This year trek is also going to be started soon so all the interested people must get the details and of the trek and get register themselves for the Kinner Kailash Trek.

Some Basic Details

Kinner Kailash Yatra Starting Date

July Last Week To August

Trekking Time – 2 Days

Resting Points / Stops

Arrangement in Ganesh Park Reckong Peo

Inquire / Helpline Number




This is the Basic information witch is helpfull you in Trekking. Youm just need to “Kinner Kailash Yatra Registration” and start your Journey. Om Namah Shivaya

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