Madhya Pradesh ANMOL App For Immunization Infants / Pregnant Mother

Madhya Pradesh ANMOL App For Immunization Infants / Pregnant Mother. A new app has been launched in seek to provide help the pregnant women’s and immunization to the infants.

Which state the scheme of ANMOL APP is launched?

Madhya Pradesh will be covered for this scheme. Anybody belonging to any city in Madhya Pradesh will get the chance to download the app in phone. The help will be given to the pregnant ladies and infants.

This app is given the name ANMOL APP. The objective of the app is to track the system in an effective way for the immunization of the pregnant women’s and the infants. This app is available in Madhya Pradesh and the app is launched by the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh ANMOL App For Immunization Infants

All the ladies are requested or the family members who have the good news to share must download the app. It will help the government to keep the record online and the record will keep pregnant women’s up to date at the times of immunization.

User can find all the details about the app once the app is downloaded. In the app, the details will be provided to the infants and the pregnant women which will last them for 2 years (24 months).

ANMOL APP is launched under the provision of Nation Health Mission.

Madhya Pradesh ANMOL App For Pregnant Mother

What are the features of the ANMOL APP?

  • The details will reflect in the app regarding the immunization of the pregnant women and the infant.
  • If the vaccination is not being provided or missed, the user can report a legal complain via this app.
  • The date and the entries when the vaccination is due, with all the details will be given to the user beforehand in the app.
  • ANM training will be provided to the civil hospitals. This will help the hospitals to work effectively and data record will be helpful while updating the app.
  • The portal will be used to help the ANMOL APP run effectively.
  • Portal used for the app is called as RCH. This portal is provided or signed by National Health Mission under the scheme of ANMOL APP.

More details about the app can be find underneath:

The app and the service of the app will be provided to 14 districts falling in Madhya Pradesh. We have the full details of the names of the 14 districts which we are going to reveal here. The state government has more districts to cover but they have launched the app in the following 14 districts for now which are as under:

Bhopal, Sihor, Badwani, Katni, Sivnj, Murajna, Gwalior, Khandwa, Mandla, Dhaar, Bhind, Umarja, Alirajpur, Jhabua.

Above mentioned are the 14 districts where the app is being launched.

When did the Anmol app launched?

Officially the ANMOL app was launched on 25th May 2017.

All the users can see the app is available on all the android phones and I phones. From the google play or app store the users can download the app.

How to download the Anmol app

From the Google play store, the user can download the app. Just need to search ANMOL APP and Press Download or install.

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