Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women, Lactating Mother 5,000/ Rs. Benefits

The present prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is bringing out massive number of scheme to make out a developed country. The government of India as well as the state governments are also making out their best to provide various benefits to the people of the country.

Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women
Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women

The government of India has launched various scheme in favor of youth, farmers, ole age people, women, pension holders, BPL, poor people etc. This scheme for Indian Pregnant Women Name as Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women. Such kind of various steps are being taken by the government of India again and again to improve the living standard of the whole country.

Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women

Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women, Lactating Mother 5,000/ Rs. Benefits, Maternity Benefit Program by Central Government How To Apply or Register yourself for this Program.

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But here we are to discuss about a new scheme launched by the government of India. This scheme is launched for the women of the country. The scheme is known as the Maternity Benefit Program 2017. The name of the scheme clearly specifies that the scheme is for pregnant ladies. Under this scheme the pregnant women as well as the child development will be aided. This scheme is also known as the Pregnancy Aid Scheme and the PM has announced the various benefits of this scheme for the ladies.

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As per the Pregnancy Aid Scheme, the pregnant women will get a financial assistance of Rs. 6000 during her pregnancy period. This financial help will be given by the side of Government of India. The main beneficiaries of this scheme will be those pregnant women who belongs to Below Poverty Line or are having poor financial conditions. Such women face difficulties in their pregnancy period, as the pregnancy can make it difficult for them to meet up their household expenses.

Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women

During the pregnancy period it is important for a women to get proper nutrition. So under this scheme the women will also get proper nourishment by the financial help given by the government and the proper medical aid will also be given to them. Then the proper nourishment of the women can be meet and will give birth to a healthy child.

The scheme is a direct cash transfer scheme so that no else can misuse with the scheme. The amount will directly be transferred to the women bank account number. The amount so transferred will help out the women in coping up with her health requirements needed for both the women and the child. The government of India has set up a target to benefit about 52 lakh pregnant women in country. For this scheme the budget allotted is around Rs. 13000 crore. The financial aid will be given to the women in 3 installments i.e. The 1st installment will be of Rs. 3000 and the other 2 installments will be of Rs. 1500 each.

Maternity Benefit Program Lactating Mother

The registered women under this scheme will also get help in the government hospitals. The women just have to attach the form with the Aadhar card and the registration form should also be mentioned in the bank details.

Maternity Benefit Program Pregnant Women, Lactating Mother Get 5000 Rs in Three Installment

  • Women will get a financial help during the pregnancy.
  • With the amount so given can be used to meet up the proper nourishment for the women and the child.
  • With the financial help she can also meet up with some other basic needs.
  • Not only the BPL women but other working women will also be benefited under this program.
  • More maternity leaves will be given to a women during her pregnancy.

This is a very great scheme launched by Mr. Narendra Modi. We all know, during pregnancy a women needs a lot of care and attention and through this scheme the women and child will both be taken care off.

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