Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh (Pashu Panjikaran) on

INAPH Cattle Registration in AP | Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh (Pashu Panjikaran) on

Here it comes a new scheme where you all can do online cattle registration under INAPH in Andhra Pradesh. All the people living in Andhra Pradesh who have cattle they can register their cattle online in order to take the benefits falling under this scheme.

Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh

The full form of INAPH is Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health.

How to make registration online?

People can visit official website of INAPH which is or INAPH farmers can also register through PashuPoshan Mobile app. This is another app under which the cattle been looked after and given priority to seek their health and any assistance.


Pashu Sanjivani program is launched to carry out schemes which benefit the farmers in order to make their lifestyle simpler for their work and cattle’s they have. INAPH is an integral source of PashuSanjivani scheme which was launched by animal husbandry officials. The names of the officials are who are behind the launch of the scheme are C. Adinaravyana Reddy and minister of agriculture who is S. Chandramohan Reddy. They are based in Dharnikota in Amaravati Mandal at Guntur district.

Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh
Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh

The online registration made by the farmers will allow them to link with local veterinary hospitals and private units. This will help the hospitals and farmers to track the cattle, their health and record personal profile.

Procedure For Online Cattle Registration Andhra Pradesh

How to register online for the Cattle registration under INAPH in Andhra Pradesh.

Details for how to register online can be found underneath which is as follows:

The farmers need to use the official web site in order to register their cattle under INAPH. The website is

The framers need to have android phone to download the application for the online portal and app where they can access the cattle and its record.

If the farmer has registered online. They will get information on their mobile phones with the login details like user name and password which they need to keep personal.

Android App For Details

Android application can be installed through google play store. The name of the app is INAPH Framer (it’s an Android Application)

Once register online, they farmer will get an SMS on their cell phones. They need to access INAPH web application by login using their login details. That will take them directly to the INPAH Portal. The useful information will be provided to the framers in the portal. They can check the veterinary hospitals allocate near to them if they need to treat their cattle. Any information in regards to the cattle, farmer can provide to the hospitals and wait for the response and appointment to see the doctor. Monthly health check-ups or any injections to be given or any appointments made can be recorded and check occasionally by the farmer for their cattle. Pashu Panjikaran Online

The farmers who haven’t filled the forms yet for to make an application they can visit online registration forms. They have to create a new account on the official web page.

The android app is made which will facilitate real-time breeding data and can be recorded.

Thus, for the framers living in Andhra Pradesh it’s good news that the cattle they have can be looked after more promptly. The app will make farmers life easy.

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