Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online By Petroleum Ministry

By | April 23, 2017

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online By Petroleum Ministry

Petrol and Diesel are also very important for us. As without food we can’t move like that without petrol and diesel our vehicle can’t move. So like that the petrol and diesel are very important and essential elements for us. But we can get the food like vegetable etc. from our market easily and some of the seller will sell the foods at your home by visiting one by one home.

भारत सरकार जल्दी ही आप लोगो के लीय नए योजना ले के आ रहे है। पैट्रोलियम मिनिस्टेरी अब आप लोगो के लीय नए स्कीम ले के आ रहे है। इस योजना में अब आप को पेट्रोल और डीजल के होम डेलीवेरी मिलना शुरू हो जाएगी। इस योजना में आप को बूकिंग पर आप के घर में ही पेट्रोल और डीजल उपलब्ध करा दिया जाएगा। अधिक जानकारी के लिय इस पोस्ट को पढे। 

when the diesel and petrol of your vehicle will finished then it is very difficult to get the same at your home or without petrol and diesel you can’t move your car from one place to another place. So to kept this difficulty in their mind now the National Oil Ministry planning for the delivery of the petrol and diesel at your door.  Isn’t it is good news for all of us. So to know complete about this lets come with me and I will introduced you with the same.

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme

As firstly we can get the LPG cylinder at our home. They can deliver the same after the booking of the same at our home address just outside of our home.  So just like that Milkman Newspaper the petrol and diesel also available at your house step after just a call. If the petrol or diesel of your vehicle will be finished then don’t worry you just have to make the one call and you will get the same at your house?  But for delivery of the same petrol and diesel you have to book the same just one day before you need the same.  This news will be given by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to the Social Media. They said that they just now contemplating to provide the home delivery to their consumers at their home.

  • Book your delivery before one day you need
  • You can make online payment
  • Get the delivery of the Petrol and diesel at your home

With this scheme they just promote or support the ban on the note and also save the time of the consumers to be stand in the queues for a long  time at the   Petrol pump. They can now pay the digital payment. As before the ban of the note total 20% people will pay through digital payment but after the ban of the note the payment of the digital payment will be  increases 50%.

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online

According to Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan Oil minister that they also want to their consumers just sitting at their home. They said that soon they will provide the petrol and diesel at their house. At if you go to the office daily at 9.00 am and at that time you can book your order that you need the petrol or diesel at next day 8.00 am and you can also pay online. So that we will gives you the same next morning when you need the same.  So before your office you can get the same at your home address.

Tweet by Petroleum Ministry

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online

Mr. Pradhan Said that for the service of the people they will going to launch the Mini Petrol Pump that will be delivered the same  through the Tanker . so this would be help to spend so much time at the petrol pump.  They also said that this project is secure.  he said that this project will be verified by the Regional security regulator, Petroleum and Explosive security Organization.

So what you think this is really amazing. I   also never think that in future that we can get the petrol and diesel at our home like milk. So now don’t worry just knowing after that start book your petro and get the delivery of the same at your home.

Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme Booking Online Procedure

As soon as  possible when the department will launched the number or  helpline number of email ld address so that after dialing the same you can get the delivery of the petrol and diesel at your address. So keep visiting to our website. Very soon we will provide you the toll free number for booking.

Important Point of Petrol, Diesel Home Delivery Scheme by Petroleum Ministry

Petrol. Diesel Will be delivered to Your Home.

Pre-Booking Will be done. On the Spot Booking will not be available.

If you Get Petrol Or diesel for Tomorrow Morning, Then you need to Done Booking Today.

In this Scheme is Under the Petroleum Ministry of India.

This is basically For Increasing the Cashless Payments.

Payment will be done under this scheme is Online.

Mini Petrol Pump Will be launched Soon by Government.

For More Updates You can visit the Offcial Portal Of India Petroleum Ministry Page. Question will be asked in the comment section Below.

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