Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form Online Captain Loan Waiver Scheme

Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form
Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form

Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form Online, Captain da Punjab Loan Waiver Scheme, Punjab Karja Maafi Form, Punjab Government Karj Mafi Apply Online.

Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form

Download the application Form for Punjab Karza Mafi in the State of the Punjab. To waive the loan of the small farmer is the promise made by the State Government of the Punjab at the time of the Election. Now as they win the Election in 2017 and now they going to fulfill their all promises made during the campaign of the Election. As recently the Government of the Punjab make the announcement regarding the one of the most awaited promise which is Waive of the Loan of the Farmer. So now it’s time to take the advantage of the help of the government. And the beneficiaries who want to take the benefit of this scheme can download the application form and apply for the same.

किसान कर्ज माफी पंजाब

As recently we know that the Punjab Government takes the big decision regarding the Karza of the Farmer of Five Acres of land will be forgiven. As we know that the Government at the time of the Election make the list of the Voter who are under the debut and make them promise to forgive the Karza if they win the election. They win the election and Government going to waive the loan of them.

Punjab Kisan Karza Mafi Application Form

Punjab Government has taken the big steps   for the farmers of the State. The New Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Amarinder Singh has announced the debt waiver of the farmers. Under Punjab Kisan Karza Mafi Application Form the farmer who are the owner of the 5 Acres land will be waived, who take the loan for their crops. As under this scheme the financial help also given to the farmer upto Rs.2 Lakh.

In Punjab about 10 Lakh 25 Thousand farmers will get the benefit under the Punjab Karza Mafi scheme. This is the good promise made by the government at the time of the Assembly election. Apart from the State of Punjab the State of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh Karj Mafi have declared the debt waiver of Farmer.

Though the State Government economy is currently in big trouble and in that time the captain government as takes the big decision for the same. As the congress party promise the debt waiver of the entire farmer in their manifesto before the election. But now this announcement is only for the small farmer who had the land upto only 5 Acres.

Punjab Karj Mafi Application Form

We also read the tweet of the Chief Minister Amarinder Singh about the Decision of the government that they will also increase the compensation to the families of the suicide of Farmers. As they increase the amount of Rs.5 Lakh. This is really big relief for the farmer of the Punjab. And this is also the huge step toward the encouraging the agriculture in the State of the Punjab. Punjab Karj Mafi Application forms also available soon for farmer Loan Wavier. Wait for few more days.

What is the Promise of Punjab Government

  • Before the Election in this year the Congress leaders promised the farmer of the State that they will be forgive the loan of the farmers. And they will also lower down the burden of the loan from the head of the farmer.
  • They also want to enhance the agriculture in the State of the Punjab and encourage the farmer for their crops.
  • They also gives the Financial assistance support for raise of crop to the farmer having the land from 2 Acres to 5 Acres.
  • After completing their 100 days of government now the Chief Minister announced  to forgive the loan of the farmer having the land 5 Acres.

Karz Mafi Application Form Punjab

As per now latest amount this decision only made for the small and medium farmer. Farmers who are owner of the 5 Acres land are eligible for this scheme. They said that crop loan are same for all small farmer in the State. We know that the loan repayment for the agricultural loan is only possible after the harvesting of the crops. But due to the natural disasters the farmers are unable to repay the loan to the bank. This Karz Mafi Application Form Punjab will give the relief and help to the small farmer of the Punjab who is not able to repay the loan amount.

अपने राज्य के किसानो की दयनीय दशा को देखते हुए पुंजाब सरकार ने एक बहुत बड़ी घोषणा की है जिसे सुनकर बहुत से किसानो को राहत मिली है । ये घोषणा किसान कर्ज माफी की है ! यह आज तक का सबसे सराहनीय फैसला है !  इस फैसले के अंतर्गत राज्य के छोटे किसानो  का कर्ज माफ किया जाएगा ! जिनकी 5एकड़ जमीन है वो ही इस योजना का लाभ उठा सकते है ! और जो किसान 2 से 5 एकड़ कीजमीन के मालिक है उन्हे 2 लाख रुपए फसलों के लिए दिये जाएंगे !

कर्ज माफी एक बहुत ही अच्छा कदम है ! यह जो  किसान मौसम के आगे हार चुके होते है उन्हे अच्छी राहत देता है । परंतु इसका सीधा असर राज्य और देश की अर्थनीति के साथ होता है ! हालकी बैंक बाले भी इसके लिए आलोचना करते देखे गए है !

So readers this decision is definitely helpful for the small and medium farmer of  the State. And it will also less the heavy burden of the loan. Question based on the “Punjab Karza Mafi Application Form” are ask in the comment section below. If you have Suggestion write down.

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