Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal (RMSA) : Important Details

Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp
Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp

Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal (RMSA) : Important Details : Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Website : Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp for Improve Education Standards.

About Gyan sankalp portal : a new step towards the development in education sector : Gyan Sankalp pledge form : how to fill the form.

Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp

Rajasthan state government has paid much of the attention towards the education in their state. The chief minister of Rajasthan state has taken many steps for upbringing the level of education in the state. On 5th of August 2017, the chief minister of Rajasthan launched a Gyan Sankalp Portal and Education Funding Portal. The official launch of these portals was on a Festival of Education which was organized in Jaipur on 5th August 2017. Mukhyamantri Vidyadann Kosh will also be an important part of this scheme.

Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal

The word Gyan means education and the word Sankalp means Resolution. So we can also call this as a resolution in education in Rajasthan state. Under this Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal the government will invite the corporate quarters and the contributors / donors to sustain the government schools of the state. With the help of these corporate quarters and contributors / donors the government schools of Rajasthan state will be developed. The money donated by the donors and the corporate quarters will help out in the developing the government schools of Rajasthan state. The interested donors and the contributors will be invited to raise the fund in Vidyadaan kosh. The individuals as well as group or the company can fill the Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Pledge form. To fill the pledge form of this Gyan Sankalp portal you need to follow the given instructions…

How To Access Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal Online

  • Access to the site as rajrmsa.nic.in.
  • Now seek for the most appropriate link for the Gyan Sankalp portal.
  • Then click on Fill Pledge Form.
  • Then the option will appear Fill Pledge Form for Individual or Company.
  • Select the form, as for individual select individual or for a company select the form for company.
  • The form will then appear on the screen.
  • Along with the pledge amount some personal details will also be asked in the form.
  • After entering all the details asked on the form click on save option.

By this step the Rajasthan government is spreading awareness in the state that education is must. The state government of Rajasthan is moving forward for the development in education with a slogan as “Sab Pade Sab Bade”.

By this Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal the funds will be collected within the state. And with the funds collected the development will be done in the government schools of Rajasthan. The funds will mainly used to enhance the facilities and the infrastructure of the state. The basic requirements of the government schools will also be meet up by this Gyan Sankalp Portal.

The main benefits of Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal below

  • The government schools will be developed in the state of Rajasthan.
  • A better and higher quality education will be provided to the students of the state.
  • Each and every government school will get the benefit under this scheme.
  • The new and advanced technologies will also be made available in the government schools of Rajasthan.
  • Every child of the state will now get a better education.

Rajasthan Scooty Scheme

The funds so collected under this portal will completely be used for the development of government schools only. So all the interested people who wants to donate some of the amount under this Gyan Sankalp portal can fill the pledge form. The method to fill the pledge form is already mentioned above. So all the interested people can do so individually or collectively. This will help out in improve the education standards in Rajasthan state. For more details consult the official site of Rajasthan government.

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