Rajasthan Sampark App Download Android For Register Complaint Online

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Happy to announce, now all the citizens can download the app called Rajasthan Sampark App for to register the complaints. Read Article For Rajasthan Sampark App Download Android For Register Complaint Online Information.

Rajasthan Sampark App Download

The complaints cane be related to the Electricity, Road, Water or Government documents. This app is focused mainly to help the people who get problems in their daily living style. Or whose living get affected by the following such as Water problem, electricity problem, legal government documents. This app is tending to solve all these major problems. These app is focused and appointed to the department of Rajasthan.

How to get the app in the phone?

Users can get the app or download it from the google play store. Google play store is a app system where all the apps are stored and can be downloaded. This app is free to download. This app is focused for the people based in Rajasthan.

Is this app useful?

Yes, it is as it will keep all the latest updates for the complaints made. The user can check the status of his/her complaint. User can analyze and can react on the complaint made.

Rajasthan Sampark Android App Download

User can also give their suggestions about the app. How the app is working, how useful it is for them or how they finding it. Their feedback is important and will be taken into consideration by the government. The department of Rajasthan will check all the complaints and try to provide solutions to them on daily basis.

Set up for downloading the app:

Please go to Google Play Store in your mobile. All the smart phones like Android or IOS phones have google play store.

Rajasthan Sampark App Download
Rajasthan Sampark App Download

Then search in the search column for the app called Rajasthan Sampark.

Then press download. Once you press the download button on your phone, it should start to download the app in your Phone. It is suggested to have either Wi-Fi or good internet connections to download it faster.

Once the app is downloaded, the user can check more about the Rajasthan Sampark app by pressing More about this. There is full details available about the Rajasthan Sampark app.

What is the objective for Rajasthan Sampark App?

The main objective for having this app, to provide the citizens with the facility to overcome daily hurdles. Like problem due to electricity. Problems due to water. Problems due to government documents, road maps, Google maps etc. This app is made and it’s a initiative taken by Jasnsampark Raj Sarkar. This app will encourage the digital Rajasthan. The digital market will get effected and get more alert.


This app can be used in different languages so as the users doesn’t get any type of problem in understanding about the app. The app can be read in Hindi, English, Rajasthani, etc.

Rajasthan Sampark App Download Link

Download OnlineRajasthan Sampark Android App

Overall the app is an idea to make Rajasthan state more effective digitally. For the benefits of people or to improve the facilities in Rajasthan this app is made. People living in Rajasthan needs to get updated with this app. They need to spread the word about the app so as everyone should have this app. This app will be very useful in coming time.

Features of Rajasthan Sampark Android App

Complaint Regarding Electricity in your Area

Problem Face For Water Supply

Work is Not Proper in Government Office.

Check your Complaint status Online.

You Can also Send your Feedback and Suggestion through this App.

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