Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking 2017 Bikes, LMV/HMV

By | May 24, 2017

Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking 2017 Bikes, LMV/HMV, Online Permit of Rohtang: Check the Status of the Permits, Status of the Permits, Validate of Permit.

Hello Guys, From Today (24th May) Rohtang Pass Open form Tourist. You can now visit Rohtang. For Rohtang you need to take Permit Online. The Permit will be valid for one day and you have to pay 500 rupees for permit. Today in Rohtang 3 Feed Snow. So you can enjoy. In one day only 800 Vehicles allowed. So please check the Website the links are given Below. All the updated regarding the Rohtang Pass Permit online will be given Below. One this you have to pay Congestion fee and green fee on the check post.

Rohtang pass: This is the places where everyone want to visit in the Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is famous in all over the India for its natural beauty and weather of the HP. In summer the visitors from the all over the India as well as from the international places start visiting here. Rohtang pass is High Mountain Pass in the Himachal Pradesh which falls under the Pir Panjal range of the Himalaya. So to visit here the department take the hard steps so that they will protect the beauty of the Himachal Pradesh.  Himachal Pradesh is the Northern Indian State.  There are also so many things which force you to visit in the HP.

Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking

Online permit of the Rohtang for the Tourism Purpose – As now to distribution of the permit to the visitors for the Tourism in the Himachal Pradesh is the Online. Previously the permit will be given to the visitors only via the offline way but after the 09-06-2016 the permit will be given to the visitors via online way. So if you want the Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking for the Rohtang pass then you will have to apply for the same every from 12:00 noon to till the midnight. So now it is very important that if you want to visit the Rohtang Pass then firstly you have to apply for the Rohtang Pass.

Digital Ration Card Himachal Pradesh

Type of the Permit: This permit is on the daily basis. As this will be validated as per the daily quota. So now it is very easy to get the Permit of the Rohtang pass just by spending few minutes on the internet. As the same you can apply just by sitting at home and get the same in the home. Isn’t it good for you?

Check the Status of the permit: as by visiting on this site you can also check the availability of the permit. That you can also check the number of the permits issued to the visitors for the specific date or date. So now you it is easy to select the date and day on which you have to come and then apply for the same day.

Online Rohtang Pass Permit

  • You have selected the date on which you want to take the permit
  • They will show you the type of the vehicle
  •  Daily number of permit
  •  Permit issued
  •  Permits left
  • How must under the request process

Status of the Permit: Now you can also check the Status of the permit. If the department will issue you the permit then you can take the printout of the same. As  if the status of your permit is accepted by the department then they will issue you the permit for the Rohtang Pass.

Permit TO Rohtang

Permit TO Rohtang

Validity of the Rohtang Pass : We already said that this permit for the  Rohtang Pass is only for the one day. That the distribution of the Rohtang Pass is on the daily basis. So you have to visit the same for which they will issue you the Pass  or permit.

Ujala Scheme Himachal Pradesh

How to apply Online for the Rohtang Pass: While applying for the Rohtang pass you also have to pay the fee and various taxes as per the Government Notification.  The Tex is paid on the daily basis. To apply for the Rohtang pass you must have the following important documents.

Rohtang Pass Permit For Bikes

On ID proof (Adhar Card, deriving license,  Voter ID Card, PAN Card)

Pollution free certificate of the said vehicle.

RC( registration certificate) of the vehicle.

NOTE: No Permit will be given on the Tuesday. The Tax will be paid on the Gulaba bridge . Only the permit be given to the 800 petrol and 400 Diesel vehicle.

Rate of the various type of the TAXES:-

Vehicle car and jeep permit fee of Rs. 500 and Congestion charges of Rs.50/-.

Vehicle MUV permit fee of Rs.500 and congestion charges of Rs.50/-

For Buses and HMV permit fee of Rs.500 and Congestion charges  of Rs.100/-.

Important Dates For Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking

  • Permit Starting Date – 9th June 2017
  • Permit Timing – 12 Noon Till Midnight (Daily)

Official Web portal :

Apply Here For Permit – Here

Availability of PermitCheck Here

Permit Status or Reprint PermitClick Here

Rohtang Pass Permit ValidateHere

Read HereTerms and Conditions

Refund PolicyCheck Here

Rohtang Pass Permit Price

  • Fee For LMV/HMV – 500 Rupees
  • Barrier – 50 Rupees
  • Per Day Vehicle Allowed to Rohtang – 1200 Only
  • Petrol – 800 Vehicles
  • Diesel – 400 Vehicles
  • Vehicle Not Allowed – 10 Year Old Vehicles Not allowed

Keylong Pass Permit Online Booking

Rohtang Pass Permit Online

Check the Status of the Rohtang Pass in the Himachal Pradesh. To enter in the Rohtang pass you have to apply for the permit. Without permit your entry should be invalid. If you caught without the permit in the Rohtang you have to  pay the fine as well as legal steps be taken against you. Now the month of the May has been started and in other State there is summer vacation. And if you want to visit in Himachal Pradesh so see the snow the Rohtang pass is perfect place for you. But you have to apply for the Rohtang pass first.  This is the high mountain area in which you can come for the tourism. Now the application will open for the visiting in the Rohtang Pass. As per the news that there is big rush to Rohtang Pass Permit Online Booking.  Now there is big rush on the way of the Manali road for the Rohtang pass. But the limit for one day is only 1200. And the demand is much more than the limit. The daily limit is higher and higher day by day.