Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab : Captain Free Housing Scheme 2017 Forms

Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab
Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab

Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab : Captain Free Housing Scheme 2017 Forms : Punjab Shehri Awas Scheme 2017 : Shehri Awas Yojana Application Form : Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana for OBC, SC, ST Category Peoples. 

Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab 2017 started for the SC/OBC families’ lives in the State of the Punjab. As we know that the State government of the Punjab has introduced new scheme to the SC/OBC families of the Punjab.

Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab

This new scheme in Punjab known with the name of the “Punjab Housing Scheme 2017”. Under this scheme the free houses has been given to the SC/OBC families of the Punjab. This is an ambitious Free housing Scheme in the State of the Punjab. This scheme “Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana” is approved by the Punjab’s Council of Ministers. They will not providing the free houses to the SC and OBC families of the Punjab.

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So guys under this scheme only the poor people of the Punjab lives in the urban areas will able to get the home. This new scheme of the Punjab Urban Housing Scheme 2017 will be completed in the two phases. So guys if you’re annual income is also less than of Rs.6 Lakh, then you are also able to get this affordable house. Guys the State government of the Punjab will provide the affordable houses only to the poor people of the Punjab.

Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2017

As we know that the total population of the Punjab is about 2.77 corers and out of which total 37.49 percent lives in the cities of the Punjab. The total population of the 50% lives in the Urban area of the Punjab. So the government now decided to become necessary for the urban poor build houses at low rates. Now its time grab the benefit of this scheme. The first come and First get is perfect for this scheme.

Now we come on the Objectives of Shehri Awas Scheme Punjab

  • In first phase of this scheme the houses will be given to the families whose income is less than of Rs.3 Lakh per annual
  • And in the next phase i.e. in the 2nd phase the houses will be distributed to the families whose income is less than of Rs.5 Lakh per annual.
  • So the people who fit for this scheme and think to get the benefit of this scheme, the government will provided them the free housing facilities under the scheme.
  • No person should be getting the affordable house in this scheme who will not have the eligibility criteria for this scheme. This scheme is only for the poor families of the State.
  • If any of the name which is not eligible for the scheme will be get, then the name of that person will stuck out from the list.
  • The homes will be built by the EDC and CLU developers at the less price.

Family category groups under Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab :

  • LIG:- Low Income group families are those whose annual income is less of RS.6 Lakh.
  • MIG: Middle Income Group families are those whose annual  income is less than of  18 Lakhs.

(only these groups of families will get the affordable Free houses  from the Government of the Punjab State)

Any scheme which is ever launched by the Government of any State having  its own benefits. So like all scheme the Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2017 also having its unique benefit. So guys here is the list of the Benefit of the Punjab Shehari Awas Yojana 2017 below:-

  • The Government of the Punjab will involved with the EDC for the construction of the homes under this scheme at the low price than the market price of the house.
  • And the State Government of the Punjab will also involved the CLU  in this scheme  to provide the subsidies to private developers so that a low cost or affirdable home can be easily made for the poor families of the Punjab.
  • That families  having the annual income of Rs.3 Lakh  will not  be charge for the following services like:-
  • Stamp Duty
  • Registration fee
  • Other Cess
  • Social infrastructure Funds.
  • And the families whose annual income is   between of Rs.6 Lakh to 18 Lakh will get the low interest rate on the loan for the house.
  • And this scheme i.e.” Punjab Housing Urban Housing Scheme 2017” is only approved  to provide the affordable house to the families belongs to the Schedule caste and  Other Backward classes.

Eligibility Criteria for the Punjab Housing Shehri Awas Yojana 2017 :

  • The annual income of the applicant should be less than  of Rs.6 Lakh
  • The age of the applicant is more than 18 years.
  • The applicant should be belongs to the Schedule cast and other backward caste families.

Documents required for the Shehri Awas Yojana Punjab 2017 :

  • Ration card for the proof of the residence address of the applicant.
  • Voter card or Aadhar card for the Identify proof of the applicant.
  • Bonafide of the applicant.
  • Annual income certificate of the applicant.
  • Caste certificate of the applicant.
  • Passport size 4 photograph of the applicant.

UP Free Housing Scheme

So guys at last I only want to  says that this is the important information related to the scheme. And if you want more then please comment in the comment box. We will reply soon to you. and we also update here that how you can apply for the “Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2017” online registration and online date of the scheme and other important date  of others.


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