Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan 2017 Registration Start

Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan
Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan

Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan 2017 Registration Start, A solar irrigation pumping scheme launched in the state of Rajasthan : government step forward to improve the farms and farmers of the state : benefits of the scheme.

State government of Rajasthan has proved that they have the eligibility to complete their promises made to the farmers and the general public. The Rajasthan Government has taken massive number of steps to improve way of living within the state. Government of Rajasthan has benefited all the aspects of life from a poor family to the higher income family. But most of the benefits are given to the economical weaker section and the middle income groups. As it is compulsory to improve the living standards of these income groups so as to maintain the balance in the society.

Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana

For the farmers of the state, Rajasthan state government has took various initiatives. By doing so the they also proved that they are given attention towards the conditions of the farms and the farmers in the state. The government has launched various schemes and yojana in Rajasthan state to benefit the farmers. One of such beneficial scheme for the farmers is the ‘Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana’ Rajasthan state. Under this scheme the state government of Rajasthan showed the farmers the true value of solar energy. They brought forward the use of solar plants and solar energy and to consume the electricity. Under the scheme the efficient use of energy resources was taught to the people of Rajasthan state. One of the other scheme for Students. Name is Transport voucher Scheme rajasthan. This is for school going students.

The state government of Rajasthan imposed the people of to make the efficient use of resources. They motivated the people towards the use of solar plants. Various scheme were launched regarding the use of solar plants in Rajasthan state. Many of the solar plants are also being planted by the Rajasthan government. Rajasthan state is considered to be that state which have 325 sunny days within a year. So it is considered to be the best state to implement the use of solar energy and solar plants.

Rajasthan Solar Pump Krishi Connection Scheme

In the year 2013 Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan was introduced with 3 HP 5 HP DC submersible pump. At first the government of Rajasthan decided to set up about 50 solar plants by the end of 2011 – 12 but it was later increased to 500 solar pumps. At that time only 14 districts of Rajasthan state was considered for the implementation of solar pumps. But with time i.e. Till 2013 – 14 the target of solar pump increased from 500 to 10,000 pumps and the number of districts also increased from 14 to 33 districts of Rajasthan. Many scheme were also introduced to start up these solar plants. Government of Rajasthan was also providing subsidy under the schemes of solar irrigation pumping.

Now the state government of Rajasthan has taken a step to work on this solar pumping plants effectively. Now all the candidates who registered themselves in 2013 for this “Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana” Rajasthan will get the effective benefits of this scheme. The main benefits under this scheme are mentioned below…

Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan

  • At the first phase of this scheme over 10,000 solar pumps will be planted for the farmers.
  • To take benefits of the scheme the candidates needs to deposit Rs. 1000.
  • The Nager Nigam department Rajasthan will help the farmers in planting the solar pumps into their farms.
  • 60% cost of the solar pump will be paid by the government and the remaining 40% will be paid by the farmer.
  • Solar plants will be insured for the next 7 years.

The farmers must be really happy after reading this news. For more details log on to the official site of Rajasthan government. for more details on Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan State Download Notification. After Read it completely, Solar Pump Krishi Connection Yojana Rajasthan Registration will be open for you.

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