Steel House Scheme Indian Government Under 2 Lakh Rs PMAY

Steel House Scheme Indian Government Under 2 Lakh Rs PMAY. Steel House Scheme of Rs.2,00,000/0 Under Pardhan Mantri Awas Yojna. Here we come on the topic of the Steel house cost of Rs. Lakh. This steel house distributed under the scheme Pardhan Mantri Awas Yojna. So here is the complete news about the same scheme and also we give you the complete information for how to apply and get the benefit of the scheme. So let’s come with me and know all the process of apply for the Steel House and also other important information.

Steel House Scheme by Indian Government

Hi guys, we know everybody have a dream of   his own house. Everyone wants to gives the shelter to their families. This is really a big achievement to have our own house in now a day. But on the other part of our life or society, many of the families now don’t having their own house due to the high rate of the properties. This is really difficult to buy own house. But now the time has been change due to our some responsible minister of the Nation.  That Under the Pardhan Mantri Awas Yojna you will get the Steel house and that will on cheap rate. The cost of this Steel house of Rs.2 Lakh. Isn’t this is very low rate of any house we heard. Now guys this is only the highlights of the Steel house. Now after reading the high lights of the scheme now read the other details so that you will apply for the Steel House scheme.

Steel House Scheme in Indian Construct Homes Under 2 Lakh Rupees

As we know that Under PMAY the government will provided the reasonable   cost of houses to the needy persons or families. So in this Yojna here another scheme is launched named as Steel House Yojana. So the cost of this Steel house is also reasonable. And a common or middle class family also afford the house. But the exact date of deliver or distribute the Steel house has not declared. So for apply for the Steel house yet not possible. But we assured you that as and when the link will be open for the Steel house we update the same on our website. And also we gives you the direct link for apply for the Steel House.

Now here we can discuss on the Characteristics of the Steel House (PMAY):-

Now before investing your money on the Steel house you will also have to know about the feature of the Steel house. Because later your family will live in the house. And your family protection comes first. So before purchase the Steel house you have to confirm about the safety of your family.

  • As we know any time if we hear about the strong or strength wise metal in our environment we automatically thinking about the Steel. So the steel have the good strength. And these steel houses are so strong and you can live with your family very peacefully.
  • And the 2nd characteristics of the Steel house are that it never burn in the fire. So don’t worry about it and now don’t think so much about it. It will be safe for your family.
  • And finally we know that before purchasing any or the property  we also have to pay the attention toward our pocket.  So the Steel houses are affordable. Even a middle class family can buy the same.

Image of Steel House Scheme Indian

Steel House Scheme Indian
Steel House Scheme Indian

Cost of the houses

We already know about the total cost of the steel house is of Rs.2 Lakhs. But for the Urban area the cost of the house of Rs.1.5 Lakh and for Rural Areas of Rs.1.6 Lakh.

So be on our website.  I know after reading about the feature and rate you will excited to purchase the house as soon possible. But till time it will not in function. But I already tell you that as and when the lines are open we inform you as soon as possible. So guys now your dream of having your own is going to be full fill. Its time to celebrate with your family. Now the dream left for house is that how you can decorate your dream house.

Steel House Infrastructure

So now I know the question in your mind that will be arose that the picture of the Steel house. How it will look like? What is it design? How much area will be covered by the Steel house?

Here will show you the expected picture of the Steel house.  After looking the picture of the Steel house you know how it looks like. It’s really looks beautiful.  It will be constructed by the top class companies.

To Apply for the Steel House ( PMAY)

So now we come on the point that how to apply for the Steel House. So the officials of the PMRY will accepted the application form the needy persons. And in this scheme you also have to follow the terms and conditions of the government. It will also work on the  rule of the first come and first get.

After some time we also update the income group so that you will know the eligibility of the scheme.  So we with us. We update the information time to time.  Continue visiting on our website.

Requirements for Steel House

Metal Sheets


Round Pipes

Square Pipes


Welding Set

Welding Rods

Green / Black Cutting Wheels

Plain Sheet Etc.

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