Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme, LED Bulb /Tube Light Distribution Pre Booking

Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme
Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme

Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme, LED Bulb /Tube Light Distribution Pre Booking. BJP taking initiative to win over the dalits of the UP state : various programs organized on Ambedkar’s Jayanti : counter efforts by BSP.

Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme

Scheme Details – Central Government Scheme

Scheme Name – UJALA

Distribution of – LED Bulbs / Tube-lights / Appliances

Scheme Start – 14th April 2017

State – Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Price – LED Bulb – 60 Rupees / Tubelight – 230 Rs.

Scheme Under – EESL (Energy Efficiency Service Limited)

Distribution Controlled by – UPPCL

Designed by – Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

Scheme Launched by – CM Yogi Adityanath / and Piyush Goyal

Pre-Booking Stater – Update Soon

Other Projects under UJALA Scheme – Distribution of Solar Agriculture Pump

Uttar Pradesh government organized various types of programs on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti. Ambedkar Jayanti is also known as the Bhim Jayanti and it is an annual festival observed on 14th of April in the memory of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. On 14th April, the birth anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar is celebrated and a public holiday is declared throughout India. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was known to be the greatest Dalit icon in India.

UP LED Bulb, Tube Light Distribution Scheme

Organizing various programs on 14th April in UP state, the Bhartiya Janta Pary took an initiative to win the hearts of Dalits. Over 21% population of Uttar Pradesh is Dalits and maximum of them supports the Bahujan Samaj Party and the leader of the BSP Party, Mayawati. But in 2017 elections the bad performance of BSP and the victory of BJP gave BJP a chance to connect with the Dalit people in UP.

The dalit people are those people who belongs to the lower caste as per the traditional Indian caste system. The caste system was stopped in 1955 by the government but in India, still there are many people who believes in caste system and make differences with the dalit people. So to decrease the ratio of this inequality and to give Dalits their proper place various programs were organized in UP state on 14th of April 2017.

Other Projects of UP Government on 14th April 2017

Celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti in Schools of UP

The UP state government gave an orders to organize functions in schools related to the Ambedkar Jayanti. The function of Ambedkar Jayanti in schools were held on 13th April, as on 14th April it is a public holiday. By organizing Ambedkar Jayanti functions in schools, the children will also came to know about Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. When the higher authorities of the schools were consulted they said that no such function is organized on the birthday’s of great personalities. Then the UP government ordered to organize Ambedkar Jayanti functions in all the schools for the students of Class 1 to 8th class.

Annpurana Bhojnalaya Scheme UP

Various scheme to be launched for the dalits

On Ambedkar’s Jayanti, the UP government also said to start up various scheme for the dalits of the state. The schemes introduced for the dalits are…

UP Kanyadaan Yojana – under this scheme the dalits and the poor people of the state will get a financial help by the side of government for the marriage of their daughters. The scheme will also insure that the family of the girl is not forced to give dowry.

UJALA Scheme Led Bulbs at 60 Rupees in UP

Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme, LED Bulb /Tube Light Distribution  – the scheme is completely known as the Unnat Jeevan by Affordable LED’s and Appliances. Under this scheme the dalits will get 9 watt LED bulbs, a BEE 5 star rated energy efficient fan and a LED tubelight.


A mobile app will also be launched which will be known as the BHIM app. Through this app the money transfer from one bank account to another can be done. The app will function similar to the Paytm and Free charge. For this app the user must have mobile banking. Through this app the transaction of Rs. 20000 can be done within 24 hours.

Keeping these schemes apart many other beneficial steps are also taken by the Yogi government for the dalits and poor people. BSP also made their counter efforts by conducting a rally and a Bahujan movement was also organized in which the children took part, highlighting the bahujan movement.

UP UJALA Scheme 2017

More Updates on Yogi Adityanath Scheme Visit our Website. Information regarding Pre-booking of Uttar Pradesh UJALA Scheme Led Bulbs and Tube lights in UP Start Soon. Stay in touch with us.

Yogi Adityanath Schemes 2017

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