Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana – Free Ultrasound at CHC

Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana
Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana – Free Ultrasound at CHC, Central Government Shagun Yojana for Married Women, UP Shagun Scheme by Pradhan Mantri.

Shagun Scheme started in the Uttar Pradesh on 11 July for out Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. This scheme started on the occasion of the World Population Day.   Here we gives you the full details about the Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana in briefly:-

Uttar Pradesh Shagun Scheme is the new scheme launched in the Uttar Pradesh. Previously this scheme already launched in so many other State of the India. Under this scheme the Government of Uttar Pradesh will gives the Kit to the newly wedded couple of the Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana

This Shagun Kit contains: Bindi,  bangels, Condoms and contraceptives etc.This is the free kit provided to the newly wedded couples of the Uttar Pradesh.  This scheme is launched under the central government on the 11th July 2017 on the occasion of the World Population day.

  • This Shagun Kit also known as the “Nayi Pahal Kit”.
  • This kit will be distributed by the Asha Workers of the Uttar Pradesh.
  • This kit also contained the voucher of Guidelines about the safe sex, family planning and spacing out the births.
  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh also planned to place the free condom boxes at health facility centres and also in Gram Panchayat Buildings.

This   is known to all of us that Uttar Pradesh contributes the most of the India Growing populations. The Uttar Pradesh has the total fortuity rate of 3.3, where the 11 district within Uttar Pradesh have a TFR of over 4. The 28 percent of the country populations be contributes by the Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh , Chhattisgarh, Assam and Jharkhand etc.

Aim of Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana

This scheme be launched firstly in the 145 District of the State under the mission of the Parivar Vikas. As the main aim to launched this Scheme to prepared the newlywed couples about  their responsibilities about the married life. And also know about the safe sex and birth space in their child.

Nayi Pahal/ Shagun Kit contained





Nail Cutter

A Comb Set

A mirror set


Contraceptive Pill etc

Shagun Yojana Free Ultrasound at CHC

Under This Scheme you will get Free Ultrasound at CHC. This is the main purpose of this scheme. In “Uttar Pradesh Shagun Yojana” every Newly married women is also covered. The costs of the new contraceptive Injection  distributed by the government to the women is of Rs.100/- per shot. Uttar Pradesh is the most growing population of the India. For More Information on Yogi Adityanath Government Schemes 2017-18 You can follow us on Facebook and Google plus.

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