Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme Financial Support To BPL Students/Child

Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme Financial Support To BPL Students/Child. Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme i.e. providing  Rs.2000 per month to the children belong to the BPL families. This scheme  started by the central Government in the State of Uttarakhand. Under this scheme they will provided the  financial assistance to the children who are studying in the schools and belongs to the BPL Families. With this help they want to help the children for their food , clothing and educations.

Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme

From this article you can check the eligibility criteria of the Sponsorship scheme:-

BPL families are the families which  is Below poverty lines. And they will not  give the proper food to the children and also not the proper education  to them. So the central Government after providing them this Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme they are able to get the proper education and make their future bright. In every State the  children are future of the State. If  our children are not getting the proper food and education how our future will be bright. Social welfare now has started the survey regarding the children to take them under this scheme.

Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme
Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme

Center Government has also directed the State government official to take part in the survey .  and make the list of the children who  comes under this scheme. And make the final report and list of the  children and submit the same to their office. This scheme firstly started in the State of the Uttarakhand. They give the time of 2 week to submit the report.

Essential requirement to take Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme

Income Prof – The annual income of the family of the children should be below Rs.2500 in the Urban area and in Rural area the monthly income of the family should be of Rs.2000/- per month.

BPL Card – The family of the children should having the BPL Ration card.

Orphan Child Get Benefit – Under this scheme the Orphan child can be the part of this scheme.

Monthly Support – Under this scheme the children will get the Rs.2000/- per month from the government.

Purpose of Scheme – This money can be invest only on the food and education of the children.

So after getting this money in shape of the Uttarakhand Sponsorship Scheme they will  be get the proper education. The children can make their future bright. The poor students can take the  study material which they will not get from their families. The money will deposit to their bank account directly.

The education will also be in  the proper order after taking the money by the poor families. This is the new way to give the help to the poor families and their children. So they not be the burden of the family . and not leave the study in the half of the session.

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