WhatsApp Start Digital Payments (Cashless) Service India- Pay With WhatsApp

WhatsApp Start Digital Payments (Cashless) Service India- Pay With WhatsApp, WhatsApp – a very popular social messaging app : coming up with new features of UPI payments : important facts of WhatsApp new venture in digital payments.

Every one out their is familiar with the name WhatsApp. It is the most popular social networking site which is used for instant messaging. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people in India, have WhatsApp installed in their smart phones. Approx it has around 1.2 billion users in India. This is the most simplest and fastest way of sending messages or having any type of conversation. App WhatsApp is being used for sending and receiving messages till now.

WhatsApp Start Digital Payments Service

Company WhatsApp is now thinking of exploring into the new horizons and is gearing up launch its payment system in India. UPI platform will be utilized by the WhatsApp to start its new digital payment system. UPI means Unique Payment Interface, and the company is in process of taking the permission by the government of India. The talk is being going on with the government to start up this payment system by WhatsApp. UPI system is basically a system in which the funds are being transferred between two people or in between bank accounts. The transfer of the funds can be done by using a smart phone. UPI is open to the third party services and making payments by using UPI is as fast and easy as sending a text message.

WhatsApp users can get this payment feature readily available in their smart phone by just a simple software update. By bringing out this feature, we can also say that WhatsApp will always be having a greater advantage of grabbing more and more users. WhatsApp has gained many users in very short time span and with its new advanced feature of UPI payment it will get more attention.

Some important facts of WhatsApp Start Digital Payments Service

It has a claim of having 1 billion users who are active on social media throughout the world.

In India, WhatsApp is most widely used messaging service and thus holds around 200 million active users.

India is one of the most crucial market place in India where WhatsApp need not to invest in for starting their digital payments initiatives.

WhatsApp also tried to start the venture with the mobile wallets but it failed as it was unable to meet the criteria set by the RBI.

To contribute in making Digital India, WhatsApp is starting up this UPI digital payment method which will make the life of people simple and easy.

After the demonetization in India, there was a sharp rise in the apps like Paytm, MobiKwik etc. The digital payments also raised up as the UPI based Payments, BHIM payments and Aadhar Based payments were given more importance. The drive for cashless economy in the country has led to the opportunity for the better digital payments. In the same case WhatsApp is also going to start up with their new UPI payment method. For WhatsApp it will be a free market venture to start up with the 200 billion already existing users.

WhatsApp StartĀ UPI Enable Service For Cashless Payment

Fro starting up this UPI Payment system, WhatsApp will provide a new software update to their application and thus urges the users to update the version of WhatsApp on their smart phones. No separate application will be required to download for this purpose as only the software update will make to it. WhatsApp has a much greater reach and its payment method can get more popular online payment options as well as users. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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