Yantra Lakshmi Scheme (Telangana) Tractor Subsidy Online Application

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme in Telangana
Yantra Lakshmi Scheme in Telangana

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme (Telangana) Tractor Subsidy Online Application. India is the agriculturist country. Most of the  family  of the India depend upon the agriculture. As we can also denotes the Farmer equal to the god. Because all food ec\tc. Only depend upon the farmer. Which they produced we shall get in the market.  So to promote the good agriculture there would be  a scheme launched name as Yantra Lakshmi Scheme.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme

Under this scheme they will provided you the equipment related to the  agriculture  with the benefit of back of the subsidy. So according to Mr. K. Dharama Naik the JD Agriculture  they make an appeal to the all  farmer that to take the benefit of this scheme. They also introduced the farmer with this scheme. This scheme is the association of the State Government  the centre government for the Mechanisation of Agriculture.

Yantra Lakshmi scheme in which  if the farmer wanted to the any type of the equipment related to the  agriculture purpose by individual or by forming a group  of the farmers, then they will be get the 50% subsidy back. As the cost of the equipment will  be arranged by the government through the bank loan. The loan will be sanctioned through the nationalized bank. He address all the  farmer on Monday at the camp of the Farm Mechanization.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana

For this scheme the government of the India gives the total Rs.14.89 crore  and already  Rs. 3 crore rupee spent on the same. And  if you want the details of the equipment then the same will be  given  under this scheme.

  • Trans planters
  • Rotators
  • Power Weeders
  • Tractors
  • Mini Tractors.

The total cost of these equipment will be of Rs.70 laks but the  government already issued the Rs.35 lacs subsidy to the farmer.  As you can take the equipment under this scheme individual  or by making the group of 5 to 7 members.

  • Cost of equipment : 70 Lacs
  • Subsidy : 50% i.e. 35 Lacs

In these for the good agriculture purpose the farmers are also dire need  of these equipment . as they were  not getting the  service  of the agriculture  coolies. So they have the important of the transplanting machine in the season of the Kharif fasal.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana Online Application

  • You only have to fill the application form.
  • Application form can be filled by any individual
  • Or you can also apply by making the group of the 5 to 7 members.
  • And submit the application.
  • More Information Visit – agri.and.nic.in

Government Telangana is very Active in the field of development. For farmers they launch scheme named as yantra lakshmi scheme. Under this scheme if you are a farmer, and you want to buy a Tractor, You will get Subsidy. Under this Scheme you will get subsidy on Tractor purchase. There is percentage, witch will be subtract form the total amount. This scheme is under the State government. Now this scheme is active and if you are interested under this scheme, you will get benefit. Question based on yantra lakshmi yojana, then ask any time.


  1. Elanti schemes only mla recomondetion unte vasthai manaku ravu kadha endhuku elanti schemes pettaru leni vallaku ivvali i want horvester kavali yantra lakshmi schemes tharupuna

  2. Farmer is a Farmer and he is the back bone of the Country and he shd b supported in all means mainly if he can b subsidised in all the Agricultural Machinery/ Implements he can b saved as today’s Labour cost is very high he can go for the Machinery . The Telangana Govt under the Dynamic Leadership of Hon’ble CM KCR is doing many Welfare Schemes , Farmers wd feel happy if they r assisted wid the Subsidies in Agricultural Implements

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