Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest 2017 – Win 20 Thousand Prize and Certificate

Here comes the quiz contest for yoga and naturopathy. You can find the details on how to participate and how to win the first prize which is worth Rs 20,000. This quiz is one of the government schemes. This quiz is all about boosting the people morale and helping the people in some way. This is the means of education to provide the help.

Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest 2017

My Government and Ministry of AYUSH is presenting the yoga and Naturopathy quiz. This quiz will provide an opportunity or a path to boost up the spirit. Also, the first winner will receive the prize for RS 20,000.

What is the contest about?

The Yoga & Naturopathy quiz is all about live telecast or we can say it’s a live quiz.

How many questions be asked during the quiz?

During the quiz contest, 20 questions will be asked from the participant. The duration of the time is five minutes. The participant has only five minutes to answer all the twenty questions.

There is not only one prize. There are more prize gifts will be given away. The first winner will get the prize for Rs 20,000. Second winner will get Rs 15,000 and the third prize will be of Rs 10,000.

Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest Winner Get 20000 Rs Winning Prize

You can find below more details about the participation in the contest and how to register:

  • Request to all the participants to visit the official webpage. On the official website, there will be all information how to register for the quiz contest.
  • Participant will see the START BUTTON. Please click on it.
  • Please click on the option of register now.
  • The box will appear where the participant need to fill there first, middle and last name.
  • Please give the following details like: email id, country of origin, date of birth.
  • Also fill the field of category of Male/Female.
  • Participant need to provide the mobile number in order to complete the registration.
  • After filling the registration form, personal account is created for the participant.
  • The people who are already members, they can simply log in to the account by using their username and password.
Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest 2017
Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest 2017


Start date of the contest registration– 15th May 2017

End of Quiz -21st June 2017

Start time– 5:30 pm

Total questions asked in the Quiz- 20 questions

Duration of quiz– 5 minutes

The more and full details can be found on the official web page, where the participants need to register and submit their forms. The participants need to participate through MyGovQuiz. 20 questions will be asked by the jury in five minutes. The participant has got only five minutes to answer the 20 questions. The winner will receive the prize of Rs 20,000 as a reward. The last date to register is 20th May 2017 The participants are requested to participate before 21st June 2017 at 5:30pm. There will be more prize gifts for those who will get second and third position in the contest. The second winner will get the prize of RS 15,000. The third will get the prize of Rs 10,000. All the participants are requested to register on time and prepare for the quiz contest.

Yoga & Naturopathy Quiz Contest 2017 Certificate

Download a Sample Certificate

Website of Quiz

Login Page for Quiz

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